New details from scathing book by Trump's niece

Mary Trump claims President Trump's father, Fred Trump Sr. , was a "high-functioning sociopath" who taught his son that "lying is okay."
2:53 | 07/08/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New details from scathing book by Trump's niece
We turn now to new details from the explosive new book by president trump's niece that his family fought to block. Mary trump writing about a father who she claims shaped his son, the president, into a liar and cheater. Cecilia Vega joins us from Washington with more. Cecilia, good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning to you. The trump family sued and tried to block the book from publication but were unsuccessful. It comes out next week and ABC has an early copy. His niece breaks ranks becoming the first member of his family to publicly turn against him. As Mary trump tells it her uncle is a cruel, lying cheat shaped by a father who was a, quote, high functioning sociopath. The allegations laid out in "Too much and never enough: How my family created the world's most dangerous man," a trained psychologist Mary trump, the daughter of the president's oldest brother says her grandfather, Fred Sr. Destroyed Donald Trump teaching him to be tough at all costs, that lie something okay and admitting you're wrong or apologizing is weakness and says he short-circuited Donald's ability to develop and experience the entire spectrum of human emotion and his oh go is a fragile thing that must be bolstered every moment because he knows deep down that he is nothing of what he claims to be and claims he paid a friend to take the S.A.T.S for him so he could transfer to the Wharton school after two years at Fordham. Mary trump offers no proof or attribution for the claim and the white house spokeswoman dismissed it as completely false. At the white house president trump ignoring questions. Mr. President, any reaction to your niece's book? Any reaction to Mary trump's book, sir? Reporter: Instead his aides fighting back. It's ridiculous, absurd allegations that have no bearing in truth. I have yet to see the book but it is a book of falsehoods. Reporter: Mary and her brother sued Donald Trump and his siblings and admits giving financial records to reporters. In recent decades Mary trump hasn't seen much of her uncle but did attend a white house dinner after he was elected. An election, Mary trump says, the president's own scissor, retired judge Maryanne trump Barry thought was impossible. He is a clown. This will never happen she quotes the president's sister as saying. The cruel policies her uncle has carried out since taking the office and the white house says she's doing it for the money and the president describes his relationship with his from as T.J., he says his father was loving and not at all hard on him when he was a child. Wow, all right, Cecilia Vega for us this morning. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"Mary Trump claims President Trump's father, Fred Trump Sr. , was a \"high-functioning sociopath\" who taught his son that \"lying is okay.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71667298","title":"New details from scathing book by Trump's niece","url":"/GMA/News/video/details-scathing-book-trumps-niece-71667298"}