Dr. Oz discusses heroic rescue of man in airport

The heart surgeon and Emmy Award-winning Host of "The Dr. Oz Show" describes the life-saving measures he took to help a man having a medical emergency at Newark Airport.
4:44 | 03/03/21

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Transcript for Dr. Oz discusses heroic rescue of man in airport
last. I can imagine so, thank you, will. Let's bring in Dr. Mehmet oz. Thank you for joining us for a moment here. So let's hear knit your own words what happened. So, robin, we had just flown in and as will mentioned I was getting the luggage off the carousel which is what the father is supposed to do and heard my daughter yell daddy, daddy, you know it's one of alarm. I turned to see what went wrong and I saw this gentleman face-planted with a pool of blood under his head where he smacked the ground and I couldn't get a pulse which is the first thing you check for. He wasn't responsive. It was a big burly gentleman so had to roll him onto his back and recognized he was purple. I mean the color of an eggplant and that's a bad combination. As that soul sapping moment when you realize you're losing a life so I started doing cpr which is my training and officer croissant and god bless him, I didn't realize he had never done it before but he immediately volunteered, so did all these wonderful New York port authority police, each asked how they could help. He took over the compressions. If the heart doesn't beat you have to take over foyt are, 100 times a minute, everyone hearing my voice can learn to do that today, 300,000 people like Joe, the patient, who have collapsed this this case and chances of survival was only 20%. We could get the heart supported. I took over the airway because he was foaming at the mouth. When the heart stops beating the blood pools into the lungs and you have to clear that out and try to maintain an airway. They had a little kit so I could put a piece of plastic to push air into his lungs and by then we had the defibrillator and attached patches onto the chest. In case you're intimidated. It's not difficult because all you've got to do is listen to the machine tell you. It orders you what to do. It diagnosed that his heart had stopped as I had thought was the case when I couldn't feel the pulse. It told us to step away and, robin, you've seen movies where they jerk off the ground. That is exactly what happened. Unfortunately usually the heart doesn't start again. It's too sick. In this case like the movies his heart started. Wow, wow. So you get goose bumps seeing this happen but as the heart starts, the body begins to pink back up again. That horrible blue color starts to dissipate and within a few minutes just pushing air into his lungs he began to come to. By the time we put him in the ambulance he knew he had been at Newark airport. Didn't remember the fall at all and it is a true miracle with the odds heavily against him but those wonderful cops who again had no direct experience but they had taken classes, they did their homework and they showed they ran towards the problem when there was a need so god bless them. Absolutely and you've been in touch with the gentleman's wife. How is he doing? He's doing very well. He's in the icu but leaves today to go to a hospital closer to his home. The evaluation of what happened is ongoing but he's awake and alert. Neurologically intact and shows you the power of cpr and the fact that cpr can do this, I think, is the real teachable moment. Remember, when you learn cpr the person whose life you save will almost certainly be someone you know and love because, robin, that's who we hang with, people who are close to us. When you learn, you're actually going to be able to use that on people dear to you and worth taking -- this is actually cpr month, the perfect opportunity to get people to double down. If you can learn it online in a few moments and know where a defibrillator is and take the orders -- you can't hurt yourself or the patient. It will not shock unless everyone is clear and everything is safe and it makes the right diagnosis for you. You'll save lives right and left. And you often on your show you demonstrate how to do it. But some of -- you're close to and love very much following in your footsteps your son Oliver. The other big news my son got into medical school so I'm proud of him but I've always felt medicine was the best profession, period, now it's not right for everybody but it is so fulfilling to look someone in the eyes and have a connection and realize you're in it together and able to get through it together. I'm proud at least one of my children felt that it was the right career for them as well. I thought all of my daughters would be interested. The one who called me to help this gentleman who is levelheaded Arabella is a therapist in the field as well. My goodness. Our love to the family and Dr. Oz to the rescue yet again. Always good to see you, mehmet. You take care. God bless. What a great story.

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"The heart surgeon and Emmy Award-winning Host of \"The Dr. Oz Show\" describes the life-saving measures he took to help a man having a medical emergency at Newark Airport.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76222170","title":"Dr. Oz discusses heroic rescue of man in airport","url":"/GMA/News/video/dr-oz-discusses-heroic-rescue-man-airport-76222170"}