Drew Brees breaks all-time passing record

The Saints quarterback soared past Peyton Manning's achievement in career passing yards in a win Monday night.
2:39 | 10/09/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Drew Brees breaks all-time passing record
Thousand to that record-setting night for saints quarterback drew Brees blasting past Peyton manning for the record, because drew Brees is now the NFL's all-time leading Passer. He did it in style right there with that touchdown toss. T.J. Holmes is here with more on that. Good morning, T.J. Reporter: Good morning. You all talked at the top of the show about how good of a guy he is, a good man drew Brees is. Well, after this crowning achievement of his career last night you know what this good man did, he took it and used it as a teaching moment for his kids. What a way to do it. Reporter: With that 62-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Smith drew Brees moved ahead of Peyton manning as the NFL's all-time passing yardage leader. I love you. Reporter: After the record, Brees headed to those who matter most. Hey, boys, how about that, huh? How about that? Hey, I love you guys so much. You're going to accomplish anything in life willing to work you. I love you. Reporter: He reached it in front of the New Orleans home crowd leading the saints to their first ever super bowl victory in 2010. When he first came here they desperately needed a hero. And he needed to be one. Reporter: Brees ended with a new record of 72,103 yards and the man whose record he broke sent him a message. For 1,000 days I've held the record for all-time passing yards in the NFL. I got to tell you it's been the greatest thousand days of my life and thanks to you, that's over now. And you've ruined that for me. In all seriousness, drew, congratulations on the record. You've done it the right way. Reporter: The ball he threw on the way to the hall of fame where it will be enshrined forever. There's only word that comes to mind, greatness. Reporter: And it's great it happened in New Orleans but the guy who caught the ball, that was his first NFL touchdown. You would normally get to keep that ball. It's not his. Not this time. Going to the hall of fame. He can visit that ball. People said drew Brees was too small. He was injured coming out of San Diego. All these things. I love what he said to his sons, work hard, hard work and he has worked lard for this. I played against him many times. I think he beat us more than we ever beat them. What a tough competitor. Now we see the results of that. Thank you so much, T.J. Now back to ginger with more

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"The Saints quarterback soared past Peyton Manning's achievement in career passing yards in a win Monday night.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58378223","title":"Drew Brees breaks all-time passing record","url":"/GMA/News/video/drew-brees-breaks-time-passing-record-58378223"}