What's next for Elon Musk's SpaceX rocket

Tesla founder Musk told ABC News he "didn't really think this would work" after his Falcon Heavy rocket successfully blasted into space.
4:10 | 02/07/18

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Transcript for What's next for Elon Musk's SpaceX rocket
The first liftoff of the sundtrack right there. Brand-new era in space exploration. There's another look. Uh-huh and seeing that Tesla with starman, the mannequin, driving into orbit -- A car. It's a real car and some people don't believe that image but it is a real image. "The New York post" has this, car trek. I love it. David Kerley was there, lucky man, there to witness the incredible launch of that and he he's joining us from titusville, Florida. Good morning, David. Reporter: Good morning, Michael. A new space race is on this morning and Elon Musk just took a half billion dollar leap ahead of the competition and launched a private company, the biggest rocket in the world successfully with the most unusual cargo we've probably ever seen. He sent his car into space. It is headed to Mars at this hour after sending back some spectacular pictures. Three, two, one. Reporter: Now the biggest rocket in the world spacey's falcon heavy, three rockets strapped together launched a new era of American space travel. Successful separation. Reporter: But this was different. The boosters separated and then flew back to Earth landing together reusable. And the falcon has landed. Wow. Reporter: The center rocket coming back to Earth ran out of fuel and slammed into the ocean. It was lost. A setback for the $90 million test flight which needed some cargo, and rather than concrete, spacex's CEO Elon Musk who also runs the electric car company Tesla decided the payload, the weight at the head of the rocket under the skin would be his electric car, a red roadster. So there it was, a car with a dummy in a space suit exposed to space floating and sending spectacular pictures back of it and the Earth with David bowie music playing in the background. ??? Life on Mars ??? Reporter: Musk said he ought this launch only had a 50% chance of this spectacular success. What did falcon heavy teach you. Crazy things can come true because I didn't really think this would work. When I see the rocket lift off I see like a thousand things that could not work and it's amazing when they do. Reporter: So for a few hours before the rocket and this Tesla were boosted toward Mars and the sun, those amazing pictures, even for musk he found it funny, silly, iconic and wondering if thousands or millions of years from now aliens might discover this strange test cargo. Thinking what the heck -- what were these guys doing? Did they worship this car? Reporter: With the success, musk now has the advantage of sending rockets, satellite, maybe even humans into space. It's billions of dollars of business. Michael, he says he may send another one of these falcon heavys up into the space area in a matter of months actually. But, David, where exactly is that Tesla roadster and starman right now? Reporter: All right, so it circled the Earth. We have those spectacular pictures and then last night the final burn, they sent it o&e headed towards Mars. It is going there this morning. It could be out there for millions, a billion years if it actually survives space. Looks like it's surviving all right so far. David Kerley, thank you so much. The launch was impressed more than us, it impressed Bill Nye the science guy and tweeted this celebrating the launch with buzz aldrin. Said he walked on the moon, you know. And one person actually compared the Tesla image to the iconic moment in the movie "E.T." That's pretty good. The more you see it the more amazed you are by it. Quite a feat, okay.

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{"id":52898755,"title":"What's next for Elon Musk's SpaceX rocket","duration":"4:10","description":"Tesla founder Musk told ABC News he \"didn't really think this would work\" after his Falcon Heavy rocket successfully blasted into space.","url":"/GMA/News/video/elon-musks-spacex-rocket-52898755","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}