Emergency crews recover remaining victims of deadly bridge collapse

Crews in Miami have recovered all six victims as the investigation into the collapse continues.
2:26 | 03/18/18

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Transcript for Emergency crews recover remaining victims of deadly bridge collapse
We'll go to Miami where emergency crews digging through the wreckage of that collapsed pedestrian bridge now say that they have recovered all six victims. ABC's victqr Oquendo is in Miami where we're learning more about the victims as they're outraged and heartbroken family members step forward. Victor, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, Paula and Dan. Some of those families had been holding out hope but receiving that heartbreaking confirmation their loved ones had died. The crews, worked around the clock to recover all victims saying they only took brokes for moments of silence as they were pulled from the rubble. This he do not expect to find anyone else in the wreckage. Overnight crews recovering the two remaining victims left underneath the debris. This tragedy ends with a total of six if. We'll go once again and make sure that there's nobody else down there. But we're pretty confident that no one is ft. Reporter: The demolished vehicles flattened under the 950-ton bridge pulled out of the wreckage Saturday. A delicate process with bodies still inside some of them. They were escorted to the medical examiner's office. Police saying the identification process might require DNA testing or fingerprinting. Among the dead 18-year-old fiu freshman Alexa Duran driving with her friend able to escape the car. One of the six pulled out Saturday. Had to break this thing into little mes to get it off my niece. Reporter: 60-year-old rolonda's family hadn't heard from him since before the collapse. His nephew holding out hope. What's it been like. Terrible. Terrible because we don't know anything every now and then I you will kaed the center entell me they're waiting and we don't know. Reporter: Later learning Rolando was in this cheep cherokee and died and Alberto Arias and Oswald Gonzalez were inside another car they retrie retrieved. They were great at everything they did and very giving and very outgoing, happy. Reporter: Meanwhile, the investigation into the collapse is ongoing and the NTSB is still on site. Let there be no doubt they will know why this failed and they will make sure that is out there so it never happens again. Reporter: Here on the ground they now shift to the investigation the recovery of evidence and cleanup. The NTSB will be out here for about another week as they work to find out exactly what went wrong. Paula, Dan. The big question, Victor, thank you.

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{"id":53831784,"title":"Emergency crews recover remaining victims of deadly bridge collapse","duration":"2:26","description":"Crews in Miami have recovered all six victims as the investigation into the collapse continues.","url":"/GMA/News/video/emergency-crews-recover-remaining-victims-deadly-bridge-collapse-53831784","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}