What to expect from new round of impeachment hearings

Legal analyst Kate Shaw and former U.S. attorney and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie discuss the witnesses and weigh in on the week ahead on Capitol Hill.
3:13 | 11/19/19

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Transcript for What to expect from new round of impeachment hearings
Okay, Mary, thanks. More from our legal anise Kate Shaw professor of constitutional law at Cardoza university and Chris Christie. You're close to the president. We've heard this talk before about testifying from the president and said he was going to testify to Robert Mueller. That didn't really happen. No, and, again, I think lawyers would throw themselves in between the president and the witness chair bodily to prevent that from happening. Doesn't make any dense for him to do that. This is the way he operates. He says, listen, I have nothing to hide so I'd be happy to testify but that's a nonlawyer talking and we're not used to having nonlawyers as presidents. And I think Chris is right about the oral testimony. The president going up to the capitol hill but even on written testimony having to go to congress does also pose different questions. I think he's left it open as to whether he is talking about in person testimony or written testimony. I presume the lawyers don't want him to do anything but would prefer written testimony over some kind of oral testimony. But either way lies to congress whether they are in writing or given orally can be crimes and as you're seeing with the house's attempts to get access to the underlying materials in the Mueller report, every time you give sworn statement, whenever the venue there is a possibility of perjury or false statements charges. The Democrats are going to face real strategic questions about whether to extend articles of impeachment beyond the Ukraine matter back to Robert Mueller. There's one school of thinking you stay very narrow either just on the phone call or the events surrounding it or go broader encompassing conduct including conduct around the 2016 election. The truth of the matter is, courts move slowly so to the extent they're trying to get access underlying the Mueller report is unlikely to run its course before they want to decide what the articles of impeachment look like. Chris, back to the testimony and the president today. I think he surprised a lot about his tweet about yovanovitch. The Republicans seem to be a little more open about questioning the credibility especially of colonel vindman and current white house employees -- I think it cuts against the idea they won't let anybody testify who is in the white house here, vindman and Williams, who are going to go. It's their choice, though. They're defying the president. I understand that but, you know, George, there are ways to put more pressure on folks. They haven't done that. I think on the other point that Kate made, I would say I think it would be a huge strategic mistake for the Democrats to expand this beyond Ukraine. Mueller was a very difficult story for the American people to understand and to expand it beyond that would allow the president more vigorously it is a political witch-hunt and has no basis in fact and reaching back because they don't have enough on Ukraine. I don't think they want to do it but this is Washington, people do stupid stuff all the time so let's sit and watch. As Kate said very unlikely the courts would rule on this before their time on impeachment. Nearly impossible. Thanks very much. They'll join us for our coverage of the hearings along with the rest of our political team. It's all week long, today, tomorrow and Thursday starting every day at 9:00 eastern.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"Legal analyst Kate Shaw and former U.S. attorney and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie discuss the witnesses and weigh in on the week ahead on Capitol Hill.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67127416","title":"What to expect from new round of impeachment hearings","url":"/GMA/News/video/expect-round-impeachment-hearings-67127416"}