Extended 'GMA' interview: 2 black men arrested at Starbucks break their silence

Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson said they were waiting to meet a potential business partner at the Philadelphia Starbucks when officers approached their table, handcuffed them and escorted them out.
15:14 | 04/19/18

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Transcript for Extended 'GMA' interview: 2 black men arrested at Starbucks break their silence
Well gentlemen thank you very much for being here. How. It has been quite a week. There's been quite a week and the hard to believe it's just been a week ago that you walked into that Starbucks. Vontae both walking and you get a table. We're Sean how long was it before you asked to use a restroom. Immediately things wolf. Even after the count Hernandez whom to vote in this tour in order minister was burned and Karen mariners looked up next no prelude to bear from. You know she's stated that they were for pain caused saloon analysis but for that day at that moment. You didn't know the time that that was a manager you'd assess an employee there this beautifully here please bear for. And the response was he have to buy something yes. Then you don't find Donte' you're at the table what happened next. We're at the table we sit down we're just talking amongst each other. She then comes from around to register. As you know. Books up to his two you know. She can help was many things can start with some drinks water but some like that you know when we have buck was awarded with us. So you know we're fine we're just waiting for a meeting will be out in the quick. It's I think you know is it. Seated till it that you were there for a business meeting. And she asked which is very unusual for at Starbucks for someone asked you for your order used to go up to the counter. For that did she say it any time. That you need to order something or leave it she ever say you have to leave if you don't buy something and you never heard or say. You have to leave him just you have to order something from the what happened next did she ever say to you. I'm going to call the police. You know never earned buoyancy came in to us. She tried this service you know which no Starbucks does not a believer in this country. But. Jesus walked away and then you know I guess she went burner for Karen or me or phone quote for the police. But she didn't tell you that she was calling the police so approximately 435 you arrive for a 445 business meeting. According to 911. Accounts. A call was placed at 437. Approximately two minutes after you arrive tonight when one. What did you think when you solve police arrived Donte'. You can do for us. Some moves that consumed this starter world insurance. You know with a hand on my stick him emphasis I think so. I was a solo singing came here because there was some talk into the manage and anything like that sort of thing they can influence. Because you didn't think that you were causing any kind of disturbance you weren't saying anything any kind of ruckus or anything like that some of the police come yielding to think that they're. There for you were shown here I don't know so one bit so when they deal approach you. What are they saying how do you react. Well initially. Soon as they approaches stages. So we have to leave there was no question you know. What their problem here between guys in the manager you know would have been our image and told me that you guys know. Did this or did that it was Jews you know you have to leave your and you're not. Find any thing so you shouldn't be here. That how your effort to contact two. There was no you know was going on how cups approach the situation. Who's no you know. Do you really having mean anything like whose use you gotta be. I know mr. Cohen and and we talked other people as well. And some that with there at that particular Starbucks and said they had not purchased any thing and had been there for a considerable longer amount of time. And and nothing happened to them and I know that you talk to people turn. So the police arrived they tell you to leave. They said they repeatedly asked you to leave. When you were arrested did they tell you what you were being arrested for. No the time wasn't remaining rights. Nothing it is double Kinkos wanna bet he's escorted out and put into a squad car and took to the ninth district. And how long are we going in custody. Problem Maria Americans that we as a Halloween you in custody how long we humans eight hours eight hours and but they telling you anything about. Why you were there and what you've done wrong now. There was no reason it was they had nothing you know they just good news and defiant trespass and there's there's useful or. Boeing has grown worse. Why do you both. Think. That store manager called 911. Well you. I'm curious thing until. Have an opinion about somebody else's intent. Facts speak for themselves there are many customers. That world caught on the video speaking from the fact. That they had been there for a long time. It's some even saying that day. Morning drinking Starbucks products that they have at one point in Gatorade we can't buy at a Starbucks. And they hadn't been troubled and very asking. Since you hear their voices. What happened here and strong happens you can do anything you're not a single witness it says that these young men were misbehaving in anyway and you can see and hear that on the video. Will the video has been viewed almost eleven million times and and part of it on tape you can see that you're talking to the police officer. What were you all saying to one another. I was as China's you know process the situation to myself at the time. Because something and about my theme that I had my community know my nieces and nephews when he and his son is my differences we've reduced the so I'm Melissa thing and allowed them. Trying to talk to office and it doesn't know me. What is taking you away from treat and opportunity. For myself and I that's. So in that moment I'm trying to process was going on because. It didn't really hit me what was going on a there was room until. I'm being double luck in my his mom about fumes and so to us best Minnesota is not and talking to anybody I'm also. Is being human in China. Understand was going on my. We're we're we go and we whizzes by the B. And taking Q and what at some point offered to. Call we'll person was was to meet with us I know that he's shown a videotape. Highest the first armed you know they woke over and you see it that we lesson. What if the meeting. I'm cinema from flared this we have opportunities that doesn't has been a sit down cigarettes are. So it's just what is that this just kidding about this a real estate me. We've been working on this for months since my birthday January slogans written and is now where people something he does mid days away. Some scenes and caused the whole entire situation on it's you read its American cities Buddha not dominant. And so the feeling that way you know you never. Because like I couldn't I can sense the thing that hurt because you had worked for this opportunity. But you were able to remain calm and discussing this with the police officers and everybody that. That was there and the business partner did or potential partner. Did arrive. And he tried to say just moved the meeting someplace else. By the way I'm Stuart I made the call. Estes. You know. The second time and he says you have to leave because the first on our own national vision for a so waited for a reason. Just guys who going to leave shortly so that's not caught Andrew as you see on it and into the harnessing was going north seven relatives and we're. Who hopefully when Andrew gifted you'll see we have full real reason you leave as a wrong move out of his vehicle back removal would allow us was innocent. Added in go to way. What what do you save to some people. Who say rules are rules that Starbucks has a policy you follow violated the policy the police asked you repeatedly. To lead and you kitten. How do you respond to people who say that put us is on the stand that rules are rules but was right is right things wrong as wrong. Missing situations whether his recent book than anything. And. Enron and I'm sorry but waited what is that rule Starbucks holds itself open as a a place. For people to meet. And have public conversations those are words from their web site. And there are people who meet. Thousands if not tens of thousands of times at Starbucks every day across this country. And the question in this case is is not about whether there are specific rules about that because CEO has admitted. That. That and a pie and and apologize. That. The stakes were made. And that policies need to be developed and that change has to occur what can happen and and anything can happen in this country since 1964. Is that people can be. Discriminated against. Or racially profiled. And some people treated one way and other people treated another. And the words he apologies are fine but what we need to do have some action by Starbucks. With respect to the situation. We talked with these CEO from Starbucks on Monday Kevin Johnson. He did apologize. I know he has apologized to you at the time he said he wanted to meet with you I know that meeting. Has taken place. Just to step back for a minute by the way we think Mitt at this books on the same thing we need to someone come. Forum drink coffee. And since. So we've been at this though it I'm going to Starbucks and using a laptop recent south fifteen years old when they're. I know how Starbucks where we know how stuff works for illegals means this I was sort of time initial meeting was 4 o'clock. A thirty fulfilling his subject's location. Who's moved here and confuse our friend. She lives in the to fool proof. Stress to begin with. When. The CEO. Kevin Johnson. Should he has met with you. Can you. Divulge what you all discuss. Welcome. This gets a little tricky if I can went when the situation develops. And I met with my clients they may what they wanted to do is had to make positive social change up in this. What happened happened. There's been an admission that's fine but now what are they gonna do about how we gonna make this better. And we approached. Starbucks and suggested that we engage in many and in mediation. With a retired federal judge in Philadelphia. And they agreed to that proposal and we are still involved in a process. That process requires confidentiality. Can and so I don't want my clients to. To step on what we've agreed to do. And and by the same token I don't want Starbucks to do I know that they want to get. Well they have kind of indicated that you all have agreed to and even on our program. Kevin Johnson said he wanted it when it your voice in this he wanted to. You to collaborate with them. In bringing about change. But you can't discuss it that. Has happened or not. I can do I can tell you that these discussions have begun but we have not gotten into the meat of on the matter that changes that need to be done yet. But it's a process them and they and they asked thought the community to allow this process to play out in a positive way. But that there has to be real and meaningful discussion. What do you want to see happen here OK I want to make sure. In this situation the situation there isn't happening in. I want to make sort. It's a kid out there watching us. This advance they or their service time and has advance his percent as a friend that Hasbro ambitions. Lesson everyone doesn't. Where it is really creating something from nothing. And I want them for like they still can go to stuff books. I want them it's understand that you still can. Caught then do these things because. What is in this situation you don't have the resources and connections that announcing Emerson it's what is in this situation. You haven't been practicing. Dated date. The things that dancing a messiah has to have this discipline keep composing the situation if you keep going through these situations what police. And this time is on campus so what one. His. For that a young man or young men. It's not the traumatized by the us in this that motivated inspired it. That would you social. Well you know one thing that's important to me is. Put an X in the please. Where's don't go so for. Not everyone has the voice. Where what was his and powerful and that's just the reality of it. And you know sometimes you can have the opportunity to be a party change in you know truly make it saves. You know as does he stated you know you don't want anyone to prove thread he would go you know this society Lou when we live in. This isn't that true to food a wave police say and anyone who's possibly discriminating. Than against us. So you know he'll take this opportunity. This. As a steppingstone. You notes who really stand and you know surely agree in this. And that your room you are 92 is decode is skin. Has our ancestors were or anyone knows you know this is something this has been going knowing for years and every once belonged to it but he knows going north if you do what I mean. And Rome you know it is really taken those actions and put in a minute please and no hope people understand it is not just of black people doing. Does that people thing. And that's exactly what we want to see under this sinister true change so put Nixon in to police and stop using your words. We appreciate you usually works here with us this morning and this discussion and has me more than dialogue as you said Pat's reaction. And we appreciate your willingness to be a part of that mr. Cohen as well thank you very much and continued.

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{"duration":"15:14","description":"Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson said they were waiting to meet a potential business partner at the Philadelphia Starbucks when officers approached their table, handcuffed them and escorted them out.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54589477","title":"Extended 'GMA' interview: 2 black men arrested at Starbucks break their silence","url":"/GMA/News/video/extended-gma-interview-black-men-arrested-starbucks-break-54589477"}