Fake heiress who scammed NY elite speaks out after prison release

Anna Sorokin, who spent nearly four years behind bars after being accused of posing as a German heiress, tells her side of the story to ABC News’ Deborah Roberts.
4:21 | 03/09/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fake heiress who scammed NY elite speaks out after prison release
We are back with the woman accused of being a fake heiress to live among high society convicted of bilking banks and businesses out of tens of thousands of dollars and Anna Sorokin is speaking to ABC news, her first interview after being released from prison and Deborah Roberts spoke with her. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning. She made her way into prominent circles and Anna Sorokin managed to create a luxurious life of luxury that many can only dream of. Young and ambitious she too had big dreams until it came crashing down. She's been called the soho grifter. This is my life. I'm trying to make it work and figure things out. Reporter: Anna Sorokin who renamed herself Anna delvey accused of posing as a German heiress claiming to have a more than $60 million bank account overseas. Living a high-end life complete with private flight, boutique hotels and designer goods. But prosecutors say it was all an act accusing her of cheats friend, banks and businesses of more than $250,000. How would you describe the real Annie delvey? Who is she? Oh, that's such a loaded question. Reporter: In 2019 she was convicted of theft of service, grand larceny and attempted grand larceny serving nearly four years behind bars and ordered to pay back most of the money. Now just three weeks after being released from prison Sorokin is telling her side of the story exclusively to ABC news. Many people see you as the ultimate scammer. Are you? No, absolutely not. Reporter: While prosecutors insist she falsified documents to try to get millions in loans for a private club she wanted to open Sorokin says it was a misguided attempt to get investors to fund her plan which she's convinced would have been a successful business. The idea would be for this business to work and I would just repay everything. Reporter: The impression these bankers are getting is that you have millions and millions of dollars in your account. If you have these millions, why do you need their money to fund your club? Even the richest of people always take out loans. I was just trying to get a cheap loan. People wonder how you were able to go into places and for people to assume that you had the money. Do you think it was because you're a young white woman? Definitely. Reporter: Now 30 years old she says she's paid for her mistakes of the her time behind bars including 19 months at rikers island. Some of it in solitary confinement. You're being held in rikers, one of the most frightening jails in the country. What was that like for you? Were you terrified? In a way that was therapeutic. I mean -- Peer puttic. I, for example, used the time to read a lot and to write. We have heard that you said prison is kind of a waste of time. Yeah. Taking a person stripping them of everything putting them somewhere where they have pretty much very few opportunities to rehabilitate, so how is this supposed to help someone who already had to resort to life of crime? Reporter: Now out on patrol she's documenting her freedom on social media. Shopping, dining out financed partly by a Netflix deal she signed while behind bars. It's said to be worth just over $300,000. Many people would find that very strange that you had gotten into trouble, you went to trial, you went to prison and there's a Netflix deal around your story? I find it strange too. So are you sort of milking your crime for the fame? No, definitely not. Do you feel badly? Do you have regrets? I feel like I'm just trying to deal with consequences over my actions. I was young, I would not repeat my actions. I'm just trying to make the best out of my situation. Sorokin is making the best of her situation. In addition to that television deal she also has a possible book in the works and some other business plans. But she tells me most important to her is after what she discovered in prison she also wants to work on criminal justice reform.

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"Anna Sorokin, who spent nearly four years behind bars after being accused of posing as a German heiress, tells her side of the story to ABC News’ Deborah Roberts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76272325","title":"Fake heiress who scammed NY elite speaks out after prison release","url":"/GMA/News/video/fake-heiress-scammed-ny-elite-speaks-prison-release-76272325"}