Fallout from new DNC lawsuit

Attorney General Jeff Sessions threatened to possibly resign if Donald Trump fired his deputy Rod Rosenstein.
5:00 | 04/21/18

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Transcript for Fallout from new DNC lawsuit
Reports of turmoil in the trump administration. And what attorney general Jeff Sessions reportedly said. Would make him consider stepping down he is threatening to quit if the president fires the deputy attorney general rob residents time. ABC's chair Paul married covering every angle force this morning from West Palm Beach -- good morning. That's right Paula and Tom are sources say the president has been on edge since the FBI raid on the home of his personal attorney Michael Cohen. So much so that fashion made this offer to resign while checking on a routine meeting between the president Rosen sign. Just make sure the meeting hadn't gone south. Overnight ABC confirming new reporting that attorney general Jeff Sessions. And to possibly resign if the president fired his deputy rod Rosen Stein. This coming just days after senior justice officials approved the FBI raid on the home a president Trump's personal lawyer Michael Collins. A move that set off the commander in chief say an attack or are. Country and its citizens among the documents reportedly seized files detailing the 130000. Dollar payment Cohen made two adult film actress stormy Daniels. The Washington post's first reporting sessions don't call last Saturday to White House counsel dom again. When he said he would consider resigning if frozen zionist fired an earlier this week president trumps why awake questions about the status of residents died. And special counsel Robert Mueller. They've been saying I'm going to get rid of them for the last three months. Four months five months and there's still here rows and side overseas smaller probe into possible collusion between the trump campaign and Russia. The firing at either man could potentially cripple the investigation. Meanwhile the president blasting the democratic national committee for filing a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the trump campaign. WikiLeaks and Russian operatives president charmed tweeting that bill counter sue. The suit alleges that the trump campaign conspired with the Russians and WikiLeaks to hacked and leaked damaging DNC emails. All this way to election against Hillary Clinton the 66 page filing doesn't name president trauma but includes his top campaign officials like Donald Trump junior Jerry commissioner. Roger Stone and Paul man a four. Many prominent Democrats have called this lawsuit inside joke but there is some precedent. After the Watergate break in the Democrats sued Nixon's reelection campaign for a million dollars. And want. Tom Paula. No shortage of drama from the administration and on the other sites here I think here we want to bring in our chief political analyst Matt Dowd who is in Texas force this morning. Good morning to you Matt. So we would take a look at one of our residents of recent tweet he sent quote James coney illegally leaked classified documents to the press in order to generate a special count sold their quite a special council was established based on. An illegal act that's a question really. His everybody know what that means so what does that mean what is the president trying to do here Matt. Well well at first he's confusing the situation in this state. James Conley didn't leak classified information at the time so actually that part of that what the president saying isn't true what the president is trying to do and it is undermined any credibility that anything that comes out of the special counsel. Whenever Bob Mueller releases river in his report. That they're going to be able to attack it is lacking credibility I think he's just seating along the way he's just sowing the seeds. Distrusted and this especially for his base so he just wants people do not believe. Whatever Muller says whenever that comes even though he just hired Giuliani to represent him and Giuliani says we have to let Mahler do his job but. That's right met out of the back to that lawsuit that Tara had mentioned the DC has filed this lawsuit against the trump campaign the election was no. More than a year and a half ago how much is about someone been wrong to force is about political posturing or little bit of both. It's probably a lot of both of those it's amazing to me that we still have two sides in this. In this that are still talking about an election that was held in November 2016 president trump continues to talk about it. The DNC continues to talk about it Hillary Clinton continued to talk about it and were almost suffered a heard. Of the forty point presidential race. I think they're just trying to make points in this and let's go about North Korea and they say that they're going to halt their nuclear program. And missile testing it is a foreign policy win for trap. I think it's a major development as we as the lead in said this is the first time this something of this substance. Has been done about a headed North Korea I think it's a sign a two things. First North Korea has decided that they want this gets strong relationship without Syria which is developing and second is North Korea feels like if they get a seat at the table with all the other League of Nations in the world that's a benefit for. I think Donald Trump has to be careful one thing is that North Korea has often broken were at their word. Over the last thirty years along the way asthma Amelio Estevez said in the movie young guns there's many years let. Between the cop in the lip. Call went back to young guns are like that. Really glad to have the Acura is chief political guru Baghdad thanks so what are we appreciate.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"Attorney General Jeff Sessions threatened to possibly resign if Donald Trump fired his deputy Rod Rosenstein.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54630295","title":"Fallout from new DNC lawsuit","url":"/GMA/News/video/fallout-dnc-lawsuit-54630295"}