Father, young daughter were ordered to get off a plane

Southwest Airlines is taking heat for the incident after the scared toddler and her father were kicked off a flight.
2:27 | 03/17/18

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Transcript for Father, young daughter were ordered to get off a plane
You're looking at the moment when a dad and his young daughter war order to get off a Southwest Airlines flight that he was having trouble calming his little girl down when did this krill go too far ABC's late Johnson. The newest member of the agencies and they joins us the story good morning and welcome went. Soledad thanks so much good morning to you any parent knows there is no such thing as smooth air travel with a toddler but you hope that -- make that trip. A classic two year old tantrum got a father and daughter booted off a Southwest Airlines flight in Chicago before it even took off. This morning Southwest Airlines taking heat for kicking a father and two year old daughter off a flight from Chicago Latin. Bennett and apple are opal liquor at. Your earlier the child had been Klein refusing to sit stand confusion. When the flight attendant comes by. She approached her brother on the channels and so there are you hear the channel contact passengers say the father asked for a moment to help calm the child. And then the flight attendant stepped away. The captain and corporate parent loud speaker and senate Harry folks we have that back to irrigate. The southwest crew calling security the helpless father pleading to stay on board. In this cell phone video passengers can be heard defending the failed one. Can't pay. I want to cut. And anyway what happened to compassion. I think this is a little two year old girl who was upset and this is not the way to handle up. Southwest Airlines released a statement saying in part. We always aim for a welcoming hospitable experience and regret the inconvenience to all involved. Now the incident capping off a turbulent public relations week for the airline industry united coming under fire for three separate cases involving Pat's. Including a family's puppy dying in an overhead bin. Now in the southwest incident the father and daughter were put on a later flight to Atlanta and by the way of my kids I love them dearly but they are a nightmare. On airlines and surprises hasn't happened my family at. I ending most parents would quantify it as like equivalent to having a rink now without Indiana Saint Patrick's Day. There are few things I would I would not. Not due Arab I would rather you yeah insists it is it is unpleasant but speaking of the opposite of unpleasant or really happy to have you here it is so much welcome this your first time on GMA first time GMA it's a pleasure to be here and to be a part of team.

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{"id":53816935,"title":"Father, young daughter were ordered to get off a plane","duration":"2:27","description":"Southwest Airlines is taking heat for the incident after the scared toddler and her father were kicked off a flight.","url":"/GMA/News/video/father-young-daughter-ordered-off-plane-53816935","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}