Flight cancellations and early Thanksgiving travel chaos

Hundreds of flights have already been cancelled as storm threats have begun to wreak havoc on travelers taking to the skies for the busiest travel day of the year.
2:37 | 11/27/19

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Transcript for Flight cancellations and early Thanksgiving travel chaos
The storms are creating a travel nightmare during what is expected to be a record-breaking holiday air travel. Hundreds of flights already canceled in Colorado and overnight, that power outage at Oakland airport causing delays there. Take a live look at all of the planes in the air right now. A lot of them out there. David Kerley is at George Bush intercontinental airport in Houston. Good morning, David. Reporter: Good morning, Cecilia. You can kind of feel the buzz coming on the last half hour. It's getting busy at the airport. As for that Oakland issue, it's back on. A handful of flights canceled there. But already this morning, we have nearly 100 flights canceled in the United States and with that weather threat there's a very good possibility that that number could go up. But here in Houston we're watching them fuel this aircraft behind us. They're going to have about 50,000 come through here in Houston just today and look at the numbers over the next couple of days. A little less than 3 million. Gets quiet and Saturday picks up again. Sunday is the real concern. Not just for weather but for the airlines and the airports. They're talking about 3.1 million passengers flying. That would be an all-time U.S. Record,ne airline official, Cecilia, told me it could be a meat grinder on Saturday. Sounds like it definitely will be. There's new technology out there that airports are using that could save passengers some time. Reporter: That's why I'm here in Houston actually. United says it's coming up with something that can save time for passenger, it means money for the airline. Here on the ramp it's the airline that cols the aircraft. They usually do that from a tower. There is a tower about a mile away from me but there's nobody in it. They are actually in a windowless room. It's got a camera. You're looking at it right there. A live picture inside the virtual ramp tower. It's a windowless room, just technology and cameras that give them digital windows to look out into the two areas they control. That's saving them streamlining and money is putting all their folks in the same place. This technology only allows infrared so the can see jets in bad weather and the times we used to use binoculars in a regular tower you can use the binoculars on the monitors. That's how good they are. New technology coming to these ramps that they say will save time for you, the passenger, getting in and out of your Gates. Let's just hope that helps this Thanksgiving as well, Cecilia. Every minute counts. Thanks so much father.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"Hundreds of flights have already been cancelled as storm threats have begun to wreak havoc on travelers taking to the skies for the busiest travel day of the year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67341213","title":"Flight cancellations and early Thanksgiving travel chaos","url":"/GMA/News/video/flight-cancellations-early-thanksgiving-travel-chaos-67341213"}