Florence pummels NC coast, 365,000 without power

Rainfall reaching 2 inches per hour as life-threatening storm makes landfall.
3:47 | 09/14/18

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Transcript for Florence pummels NC coast, 365,000 without power
Now we want to check in with ABC's Emily brown who is in Wilmington, North Carolina. Good morning hurricane Lawrence is in seeing inland but causing major problems hearing found pound. Wilmington, North Carolina as you can help clean. Really picking up and that rain writing down his cheeks. Florence is moving at less than ten miles per hour in length but the wind coming with it ten times as fast Wednesday's windstorm won't win. It that tropical storm rate it will be virtually impossible. For the rescue was to get in to rescue you. Those tropical storm force winds now blasting an area hundreds of miles wide. Ripping off its gas station can't be in topsail beach North Carolina. As first responders pull back of the storm surge is rushing in. In new burn people wading through waist deep water trying to get to their hotels and it will only take. The rain coming down sideways in sheets. And here in downtown Wilmington there aren't rained down but that power is still want that is not the case my whole Lotta people love this morning at latest count them. 180000. People now suddenly without power at this storm really get spelling. In Wilmington, North Carolina and annaly route EBC news now back. And we should mention that number has grown to more than 300000. That suggest in Wilmington bird in North Carolina alone. This is a live picture this is where judges he was standing moments ago and you can see. The rain and the wind just coming down and hitting hard. Right there in Wilmington winds now gusting to 91 miles per hour that is from the National Weather Service 91 miles per hour. They are in Wilmington, North Carolina. And in Jacksonville just north of there they are forecasting. Rain coming down at a pace three in three inches an hour just absolutely remarkable. Dirk Waller of our New York station WABC has made his way to Jacksonville and has this report. Here at Jacksonville, North Carolina we're seeing some of the heaviest weighted raid of the day. I'll tell you overstating it to this building that's blocking the wind which conceived down there that fierce wind. Pushing those trees sideways. What really bad is the secondary story. The main story here is full water than imports is going to reduce already we've been seeing some heavy flooding in parts of coastal areas up North Carolina. And that storm surge expected to be between nine and thirteen feet. That could really be deadly and that water's gonna continue for a couple of days Florence could see it all port North Carolina. Through the weekend. Back to get. That's a troubling thing there indeed are thanks in Dirk Waller of WABC as we continued to look at this live picture there from. Wilmington, North Carolina. We've got more live pictures to show you coming from. Morehead city this is video. From morehead city North Carolina he concede that debris that this storm has left behind and that's the storm as it overreact as long lasting storm that is I'm going to hover over the Carolinas for quite some time this new video coming into us. From morehead city North Carolina. And there have been reports for several hours now that we've been there that there have been some structural damage and it's really difficult to tell in the overnight hours when these storms hit. When daylight come so it shouldn't just be about takes a 645 for the Carolina coast. That's when it's really going to set in on how bad this has been. Mind you the storm is still hitting hard sell probably not a good idea for many people to go out to survey the damage as yet.

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"Rainfall reaching 2 inches per hour as life-threatening storm makes landfall.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57819395","title":"Florence pummels NC coast, 365,000 without power","url":"/GMA/News/video/florence-pummels-nc-coast-365000-power-57819395"}