Florida teacher describes pulling students to safety

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School teacher Stacy Lippel said the suspected shooter stood about 20 feet in front of her, firing a "barrage of bullets" down the hallway.
5:56 | 02/21/18

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Transcript for Florida teacher describes pulling students to safety
We are hearing from one of those heroic teachers who help save lives. Chase lapel is now speaking out about this terrifying moments inside her classroom where she was praised by ability she pulled her kids to safety. In choosing to him Beckett spoke with her in Parkland good morning Adrian. Good morning to you to George Stacey looked pale is being called a hero after her actions that took place during the shooting that happened here at Douglass high. One week ago today but it's a title she says she's not comfortable with she says as teachers they often feel they didn't do enough. But what she did do is save lives ushering students into her classroom and shielding them with her body. Just one week ago Valentine's Day creative writing teacher Stacey looked health class was playing music writing love letters. When the fire alarm went off. As students filed into the hallway she heard gunfire the killing had begun. I was about two feet away from my door Alison I heard gunshots in the stairwell which is about twenty away from my brown. And then kids were screaming. And then running back towards mean towards the end to the hallway so I just went in this very strange auto pilot mode where it hit it on my feet. I unlock my daughter and they can just according in my room I don't know how many kids are and there as polling manned and getting them and shouting at them to get on the ground. And then I suddenly saw the shooter. That's when he feet from me standing at the into the hallway actively shooting down the hallway just a barrage of bullets and staring at him thinking. Why the police here this is changed a season full metal guard helmet face mask. Bulletproof armor. Cheating this rifle that I've never seen before I don't know when I decided it was the right time to close at Dillard a grab handle with both hands. And that's when I got knicks. Or agrees stirred every college expects a bullet hit your arm yes as I'm closing my door and shouting at my next door neighbor mr. Scott beetle. To close this door and he's the kind of man that we just keep that door opened a little longer you know he's all about the kids you know and but he couldn't see the shooter I had a good visual him which is why yelled at him to shut his door now. 35 year old teacher Scott Beagle among the seventeen murder on Marjorie Stoneman douglas' campus I heard him shoot. A barrage of bullets into mr. Beatles ram. And they came to my round and shot about four or five shots into my room breaking the glass of my door. Here's rectangular piece of glass and he heard him continuously shooting down the hallway down the hallway. And I never really knew when he laughed fees we just thought he was still there once you all were inside the classroom. You were with your students yes covering them kind of like a mother candy ass for watching I think I left. Fingerprints and one girl getting not contacts. To other kids who are shaking in freaking Allen and mounting it's okay it's okay. It was so quiet novice and they hear helicopters outside far far in the distance is seemed to me police officers far far in the distance kids were screaming in the hallway for help. We're trying not to let anybody in the round and I went with saved it 45 minutes went by. Maybe now where and when we heard this watching come on the Fuller but I still entrusted it with them if they're banging on the doors police less and knowing Ghana. And then they just let themselves and then got a salary and on the way out that's when I saw mr. Beagle laying on the grounds and I saw. My students laying on the ground a lusty students and other bodies in carnage everywhere. It was most often cited are slow it's like from a movie how are you dealing having seen mix and it being very very real. It's awful you know I've never had to deal if anything like this before me I'm still a person to begin less I'm not the most emotional. Up her scent and so when I sit and think and I pies about my two beloved students. Who are killed from that class. It's a little bit. I love them so much think there might kids. I know meadow currency she's attempt greater stick my class issue money to have mean guess my creative writing class and Joaquin was like a sign he called me mom. It hits a heart. Breaking. What are you holding onto to kind of censure you and keep you moving forward in waking up every day with help. Who just that I survived and we survived and we have to move not you know you can't sit there and power over eight YouTube still have a life. So we're left here on the planet for a reason let's. Do what we're supposed to do. And if we're not sure what that is we'll figure it out but we're a life. And we're all thankful that she's alive her kids as well who attend school here because Stacy knew where the danger was and you were her kids were clear across campus. She didn't worry about than if it even in the midst of the shooting. But she does tell us that watch team she mentioned him calling her mom that student who died wrote a children's book in her class and she plans on getting it published. George that would be some kind of a tribute is hard to imagine going back into that classroom back into that school. But the students dishes are preparing for. Yes not into that particular building out right now there are talks to have that building completely demolished but in terms of returning back to class staff overturn this weekend. The kids go back to normal class schedule next week but Stacey has told her students where ever we are no matter where the classroom is it will be home. Torched aging tankers to determine you heard that from the principal as well and Adrian let me ask you this ship and has spent quite a few days there with those students are about to go. Back to school just give us your impression of these young people. They are extremely intelligent and fact I wrote on the bus about an hour. On their road to Tallahassee and talked with a one of the student leaders. And they are the most. Brilliant young people that I've ever met they're very passionate but they truly are in a state of shock. Can and their parents are as well and they're using this mission to kind of galvanize them during a very tough time. And can thank you.

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{"duration":"5:56","description":"Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School teacher Stacy Lippel said the suspected shooter stood about 20 feet in front of her, firing a \"barrage of bullets\" down the hallway.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53240314","title":"Florida teacher describes pulling students to safety ","url":"/GMA/News/video/florida-teacher-describes-pulling-students-safety-53240314"}