Gayle Lemmon talks about her new book, ‘Daughters of Kobani’

Lemmon spent years reporting on and interviewing Kurdish women warriors who took on the terrorists of the Islamic State in northern Syria.
4:21 | 02/15/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gayle Lemmon talks about her new book, ‘Daughters of Kobani’
The deadline has been extended! There is still time to enroll for 2021 coverage. Back now with the inspiring story about kurdish women in Syria. The daughters of Kobani, a story of rebellion, courage and justice. Gayle, thanks for coming back to "Gma" this morning. You said writing this book wasn't even a choice, something you had to do, explain that. I mean, this is really the David versus goliath story, about the women who fought to hand ISIS its first battlefield loss. Only David also happened to be a woman the story at a time when America was deeply worried about the threat ISIS posed to the United States, and these women stepped up to fight ISIS, house by house, and room by room, and town by town. To really stop the threat that ISIS could pose to folks in the region and of course to the United States and Europe. They're fighting ISIS, they're fight agriculture, they're fighting tradition, so important that these women were the commanders and they were seen as the leaders. Yes, and that was one of the women who led and America's partner, worked with the Americans to fight ISIS said to me, we couldn't let stand a world in which men were able to buy and sell women and in ISIS was able to rule when they really believed that women had no value at all. Secondly to me she turned and said, why did you start this unit? You already had full equality according to your ideology. She said, we didn't want men taking credit for our work. There's no woman alive who would not understand the universality of that theme. Tell us about one of the heroes azeema. George, everybody has in their family a daughter or a sister or a friend who refuses to take no as answer. Determined to lead from the you know, ISIS at one point gazes her with a bullet, she still shows up at the press conference at the end of this pivotal battle for Kobani, where ISIS had its first loss. She's also a sister, a moment I did an interview with her sister, she told her sister called right in the middle of the battle, I told you to stop calling me. I wanted to show that humanity amid the inhumanity of the ISIS fight. You tell the story about how they liberated one town and the townspeople said, we thought they made this up. An older woman came out and she put her hands on the face of one of the young women after this woman suffered so much under ISIS and she said, we didn't know if you were real. And honestly, George, I had that same moment sometimes we don't have in our visual library, 30 young women, fatigues and braids with ak-47s going off to fight the islamic state. That was central. How did that happen, how did they come to be? These were young women and women who at the beginning of the Syrian civil war we're going to protect neighborhoods. That was really what they were created to do was to defend their territories and their culture and what happens is, ISIS comes and throws on to the global stage, dramatic showdown between the men who bought and sold women and the women who had women's equality right at the center of their ideology. Just incredible. You're in the early stages of turning this into a screenplay, what do you want Americans to take away from this story? I want everyone to meet these women, I want Americans to know that these are the people who sacrifice so much to help keep America safe from the ISIS threat. These women faced down the islamic state every single day. It's a fas narting story, an inspiring story. Thanks very much for the story. "The daughters of Does your Vitamin C last twenty-four hours?

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"Lemmon spent years reporting on and interviewing Kurdish women warriors who took on the terrorists of the Islamic State in northern Syria.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75901697","title":"Gayle Lemmon talks about her new book, ‘Daughters of Kobani’","url":"/GMA/News/video/gayle-lemmon-talks-book-daughters-kobani-75901697"}