Global effort to contain the coronavirus

New warnings emerge about how contagious the disease is as the number of those infected grows.
3:46 | 01/26/20

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Transcript for Global effort to contain the coronavirus
Let's get right to our top story the expanding outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, look at the map, what started in China, has spread to Europe, Australia and the United States. There's now one more confirmed case in the U.S., bringing the total to three. In China, where the outbreak started, the total of those sickened rose overnight 2,000. We have confirmed that the U.S. State department is evacuating staff from the consulate in Wuhan, China. Ground zero for the outbreak. Ian Pannell is covering it all for us from Hong adoption. Ian, good morning to you. Reporter: Let's right. Growing numbers infected. New warning about how contagious this could be and the American family trapped in the middle of this crisis. This morning, another American diagnosed with the potentially deadly coronavirus. The patient in southern California is the third to be diagnosed with the new pneumonialike virus in the U.S. The CDC confirming they've been to the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak. The patient's in isolation and is said to be in good condition but officials warning, more people will likely become infected. This, as the outbreak escalates yet again. There are now 15 countries and territories worldwide with cases. This morning, Chinese health officials saying more than 2,000 are now infected there and 56 have died. The Chinese health commissioner now warning the source of the infection still unknown. The harmfulness of the coronavirus to people of different ages is now changing. Most worryingly, indications that the virus is becoming increasingly contagious. Over 1300 more medics have been flown to Wuhan, where officials are scrambling to build three emergency hospitals in a matter of days. These exclusive images show a ghost town. With signs warning people to wear masks fluttering in the wind, some shoppers take the risk to stock up on desperately needed supplies. But still there are still 1,000 U.S. Citizens stranded. Now the state department is scrambling to evacuate some of them but it appears so far the space to get people out is limited. We spoke to one American family trapped in a city over 200 miles from Wuhan, the stockstills from Rhode Island were visiting family for the new year to introduce baby Maxwell to their grandparents when the infection broke out. We're scared. There's a lot of guilt there. Reporter: As you expected Patrick and his wife are desperate to get their kids out but they're also afraid even if space opens up on one of those mercy missions, they won't be allowed to travel on the roads to get to the airport. Dan. Andian, particularly worrisome development, Chinese officials are saying this infection even in its incubation period before symptoms show. That's right, that's likely to worry many. Remember, the deadly sars and ebola that killed hundreds in Asia and Africa, when symptoms appeared. Scientists, the Chinese are saying, this still needs to verify, scientists in China are saying people could be infected without any symptoms. Much harder to detect and control. Very problematic if true. Ian, thank you very much.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"New warnings emerge about how contagious the disease is as the number of those infected grows.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68541254","title":"Global effort to contain the coronavirus","url":"/GMA/News/video/global-effort-coronavirus-68541254"}