How to handle black ice in dangerous winter weather

Transportation correspondent Gio Benitez shares new advice on how to stay safe from dangerous black ice as winter storms sweep across the country.
2:47 | 01/26/21

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Transcript for How to handle black ice in dangerous winter weather
We are back now with those terrifying black ice skids that are caught on camera. At least two dozen states are facing black ice conditions this week and this morning we're taking a look at ways you can stay safe on the road during the big freeze. Our transportation correspondent gio Benitez is out there with more. Reporter: Black ice can be incredibly hard to see and can be deadly. Watch this story closely. Before the pandemic I got a firsthand look at what you should do. This is the terrifying moment that an SUV slides out of control on an icy road swerving across several lanes flipping over and landing in a ditch in Nebraska earlier this month. Fortunately the occupants of that vehicle were seat belted in and they suffered very minor injuries. Reporter: It's a worst case scenario becoming all too familiar. Vehicles losing control on slick roads. Back in 2019 I headed to the frigid GM proving ground in Milford, Michigan, to find out how unpredictable black ice can It can spin out. Reporter: They state of art tiles. What should people do when they're on this road an they see this black ice and they hit the black ice? You can drive across this slippery surface with very light throttle input, very slight steering inputs and the vehicle doesn't spin out of control because there's nothing upsetting the vehicle. When you D need to turn no matter what kind of car you're driving experts say to perform one action at a time. While still in a straight line gently press on the brake to slow the vehicle, once at a safe speed release the brake and then make your turn, once the wheel is straight again that's when you accelerate. Steering combined with braking or accelerating increases your chanceof losing control. You should try to do one and only one thing at the same time. Reporter: If you can't avoid a fishtail you want to steer calmly in the direction you want to go. Basically if the rear of the vehicle is moving to the right you want to steer to the right. Reporter: Now remember that accident we showed you in Nebraska, official there is overnight told us that they had just yesterday more than 350 accidents, all of them weather-related. That is how dangerous this is, guys. Hope everyone is okay, gio. You're recalling the time -- Scariest thing that ever happened doing a 180 in the middle of a highway. I tried to steer into it but you panic at that moment. Hopefully that's useful information. I'm still here. Okay, coming up next our "Play

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"Transportation correspondent Gio Benitez shares new advice on how to stay safe from dangerous black ice as winter storms sweep across the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75485981","title":"How to handle black ice in dangerous winter weather","url":"/GMA/News/video/handle-black-ice-dangerous-winter-weather-75485981"}