Hero saves highway driver from car on fire

Fire raises question of why a recalled car was on the road in the first place.
2:43 | 05/27/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hero saves highway driver from car on fire
Now witness SUV fire caught on camera look at this and the driver spots flames coming out of the vehicle is practically flags down the other driver and we are hearing from both of them this morning as we learn more about the vehicle that became in gold and flames ABC's. Area rush up is here with the story area. Hey good morning Paula and Dan this morning a Florida woman is lucky to be alive after the car she was driving turned into a fireball. And other driver flagging her down. Just in time now new questions about why that recalled car was on the road in the first place. Oh. Yeah oh yeah. A harrowing sight on a Florida highway flyers spewing from the bottom of this Kia sorrento. Homer. That's Meredith own linger frantically trying to warned the unsuspecting driver as she captures the entire ordeal on her cell phone. And did what I could to get her attention by young lean and honking. Behind the wheel of the SUV seizing Keane who had borrowed the vehicle from her best friend tightly Kennedy. When I stopped there was. Like. And an explosion in there is smoke and use the Ed Suzanne narrowly escaping before the Kia turned into a blazing inferno the car totaled. The flames leaving behind this mingled mats. Jarring everything inside as I'm walking away from and I looked behind me and then the whole thing is just engulf and planes. I'm grateful to be alive and unharmed but it dangerous crisis averted. Two best friends grateful for Meredith quick thinking where it is here to take concept persists action in making sure my friend was author wrote that day the women later learning the 2012 to rent Joseph was part of the safety recall Ford engine defects he is saying they tried to inform pilot about the recall before the accident. But could not find a valid address something she claims never happened. Key in every shocks me for this since then about 3COM. But the auto maker telling ABC news it sent the recall to timeless last known address and promptly updated it when they were informed it was incorrect. Kia also says if it's determined the fire was the result of that engine issue it will work with pilot to reach a satisfactory resolution. Pilot tells us she's grateful her best friend made it out safely. Thanks to the heroic actions of that stranger. And it all caught on camera is there does raise an Angel continues to track had no idea of the car was in flames and flames and honest on the undercarriage of a car he's helping while filming if you don't think I'm going. We underneath that Orlando watching OK that's a short weeks we isn't safe to get drunk and some of the same time but. All Islam and adds well that's right area.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"Fire raises question of why a recalled car was on the road in the first place.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55468386","title":"Hero saves highway driver from car on fire","url":"/GMA/News/video/hero-saves-highway-driver-car-fire-55468386"}