Hero teacher on surviving deadly shooting

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School teacher Jim Gard told "GMA" about the moment he first heard gunshots and what he did to stay alive.
4:14 | 02/15/18

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Transcript for Hero teacher on surviving deadly shooting
We're joined by one of the hero teachers from the high school, Jim gard. Thank you for joining us. You're welcome. Such a horrific situation yesterday afternoon. Like so many of the students we've heard from already today, you at first thought it was just a drill. Yes, because when the alarm went off about 2:20 or so, I heard it go off and we had just had a fire drill. That morning. 9:30 that morning so I thought it was a bit unusual, so the kids got out of their seats. I just had them line up, let's line up and hang in for a second because maybe it was accidental. And like culinary went off or what have you. So we were ready to go. And then our -- one of our administrators got on and said evacuate the building so opened the door, all the kids went out, the vast majority went out. I hang out last to make sure everyone is out and make sure the room is secure. We heard a bunch of popping noises and admin got on again and said code red which means active shooter and get back inside. By then most were already gone because my room is right at the corner, 50 yards away really from where building 12 where all this happened. So six kids had come in, five girls and a boy. Theye in, I kind of looked around up and down and there was nobody around so I closed the door, turned the lights off. Kids wanted to know what's going on. I said they've been talking about another drill. Maybe this is a drill as well. Did you believe that or did you think it was real at that point? I thought it was really bizarre that you would have a second drill and even more so that you would have the fire alarm go off and then the code red because they were talking about doing it the other way if they had actually did it as a drill so, of course, I'm not going to let that on to the kids. They were fine. Kids here are wonderful. When did you know it was real? We were talking and, you know, now you're getting on the internet and looking over everything and that's 2:20 so figure by 2:30 we were figuring this is going to be real. And then you start hearing all the helicopters and you start hearing all the sirens and, yeah, this is a real thing so by 2:30. 2:40 we weren't going to dismiss so we knew it was real. You had the shooter in your class last year. Yeah, just for a bit of time, '16/'17. Late '16, August and December and he wasn't really in my class that long. When he was there he was always real quiet. No problems. Never like detentions or referrals or anything like that and I just don't remember -- I hate to say it -- he was unremarkable. I don't remember that much about him. Since then you've spoken to other students that did know him and had seen some of the signs? Well, the kids that I happen to be with, some of the girls mentioned apparently he was having problems with some other girls and possibly harassing them and what have you, but, again, that's what the kids were telling me so, you know, I don't have that firsthand from NIK obviously but that's what some of the girls were saying. You did know some of the victims firsthand. I don't know of any student victims although I have heard of two of the teacher victims who I definitely knew, yeah, without a doubt and especially one who I put himself apparently in front of kids and saved a bunch of kids and it doesn't surprise me because he was an incredible man to begin with. I see that eagle pride shirt you're wearing. You will need a lot of pride and a lot of love in these coming days in this school. Oh, yeah, we will. Our administration -- they're fantastic. We were just trained in this three weeks ago and went with over with all of our kids the day after we were trained so I guess it went as smoothly as you would expect. Horrible, 17 people. If we weren't trained could it have been much worse and I think it could have been but, yeah, everything went very well as far as that goes but it's incredible. Thank you for doing your job well. Thanks, Jim. You're welcome.

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{"id":53106611,"title":"Hero teacher on surviving deadly shooting","duration":"4:14","description":"Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School teacher Jim Gard told \"GMA\" about the moment he first heard gunshots and what he did to stay alive.","url":"/GMA/News/video/hero-teacher-surviving-deadly-shooting-53106611","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}