Some high school students back at school without masks

A now-viral image from Georgia’s North Paulding High School shows packed hallways as students change class, with many students not wearing masks.
3:25 | 08/05/20

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Transcript for Some high school students back at school without masks
Now the ongoing corona virus emergency in the battle now. Over reopening schools that's intensifying as millions of households prepare for their kids to go back to the classroom and we are getting a look. And what some students are facing. In those hallways for Steve Olson Tommy joins us now from Atlanta with more Steve good morning. Good morning TT day for many parents it's not so easy to keep your kids at home even in the middle of widespread. Health concerns and for many school districts that are now allowing in person. Instruction it's a struggle to meet the new challenges. This is the picture from inside a Georgia high school that flew around the Internet bringing the debate over safety to people around the world. This is north hoping high school with crowded hallways as students were changing classes this week. Most of them were wearing masks the school superintendent had email parents saying that in the middle of the pandemic there is no question. At the photo does not look good. But also sharing that his schools are following Covert nineteen protocols. He says that the high school has more than 2000 students so class changes are a challenge. He says students are only in hallways for brief period and that they're working on ways to keep students from gathering about thirty minutes north in Bartow county for staff members and an elementary school. Have already tested positive for cope it nineteen. And the school is opening for in person instruction today another thirty minutes to the east a second grader in Cherokee county received a positive test result. A day after returning to classes. And now the classmates and the teacher need to quarantine at home for two weeks the crate nest Fam leave Georgia says they want what's best for their kids and are sending them to school with masks our general Patton. Yeah yeah. It's a decision many teachers parents and government officials are struggling with. In Greeneville Tennessee they've had to cancel the football team's first game after kids on the team tested positive in Mississippi were a handful high schoolers have tested positive for the virus. The governor is now requiring face coverings for everyone in all public places. For two weeks he's also delaying the start in school instruction for older children in areas with outbreaks today. I will sign an executive order there requires the use of mass. All adults and all children. In our schools. Unless there is a medical reason. Not to. In Central Florida 01 teacher is doing it for herself installing PVC piping in her classroom with a plastic shower curtain to try and protect herself and her students. In the rest in and I never thought this would. According to the federal government the death rate from the corona virus across the country is 24% higher this week. Then last week. 28 states plus DC and Puerto Rico are seeing an increasing number of hospitalizations. Like in Mississippi were at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson they ran out of icu beds weeks ago. Any time of it opens us there are multiple patients waiting for that yet. Health officials here at the CDC say that we're expecting a very busy season of co but nineteen were already at the start of the school year. Seeing schools shut down classrooms and school systems tell us they are very prepared George. To have to shut down entire schools. George I hope they are prepared Casey thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":" A now-viral image from Georgia’s North Paulding High School shows packed hallways as students change class, with many students not wearing masks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72185462","title":"Some high school students back at school without masks","url":"/GMA/News/video/high-school-students-back-school-masks-72185462"}