Hospitalizations increase as COVID spikes in every state

Infectious disease experts warn we are headed towards 200,000 cases a day as Texas has topped 1 million cases and ICUs are packed.
3:22 | 11/11/20

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Transcript for Hospitalizations increase as COVID spikes in every state
this morning we begin with the latest on the coronavirus emergency. Right now nearly 62,000 Americans are hospitalized with the virus, nearly 131,000 new cases reported in a single day. Both are U.S. Records. Chief national correspondent Matt Gutman in Texas this morning where they just surpassed 1 million cases. Good morning, Matt. Reporter: Hey, good morning, Michael. That is a grim milestone and here in this small city of el Paso, there are many people hospitalized as motor statesnd cities brought in 1400 health care workers but, of course, that hasn't put a dent in the infection rate here and the covid fatigue and the strain we are seeing in this city is mirrored across this cntry with infections and hospitalizations doubling since September. This morning, the U.S. Notching a trio of record, highest number of cases, hospitalizations and for the first time all 50 states reporting an increase in cases at the same time. Infectious disease experts warn we are headed towards 200,000 cases a day. I mean, we are watching cases increase far beyond what most people thought could happen. Reporter: Texas topping a million cases, the most in the nation and ground zero, El Paso, crushed under a record of patients in icu care and deaths. Patients being treated in dozens of tents across the city and the state has sent in ten morgue trucks and county judge Ricardo tells us more could be needed soon. So in two weeks you'll have ten more trucks filled and you'll If we have the same trajectory, if we don't stop the increase. Among those lost football coach Charles browning who loved the game but his family more? We were all telling him just keep fighting. And even that morning I said, you have to pinkie promise me that you will not stop fighting and he put his finger up there and when we -- every time when we ended a phone call, it was I love you then he would wave to me like this and I would throw him kisses. Reporter: In Wisconsin governor Evers addressing the state about the growing cr. 5,000 wisconsinites could be lost to covid-19 by January 1st if no further actions are taken to get this virus under control. That means another 2500 people who might not be with us on new year's day. Reporter: And in North Dakota with hospitals already at 100%, the governor there allowing asymptomatic health care workers and nurses to continue working and attending to patients in hospital covid-19 units. At the age of 17 Alvia Ramirez, her mother watched her swift decline. I didn't think my daughter at 17 would die from a virus almost like a cold that you catch as easily as a cold. Reporter: And one of the ways to prevent catching it as easily as a cold is wearing a mask and it may seem obvious and health care workers have been saying this for months now but the CDC out with new guidance saying that wearing a mask not only helps protect people around you but it helps protect the wearer from incoming virus projectiles so if you ever needed another reason to wear a mask, there you have it. Robin. There you have it. Hey, Matt, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"Infectious disease experts warn we are headed towards 200,000 cases a day as Texas has topped 1 million cases and ICUs are packed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74144065","title":"Hospitalizations increase as COVID spikes in every state","url":"/GMA/News/video/hospitalizations-increase-covid-spikes-state-74144065"}