Husband 'lost' after NYPD wife allegedly tried to kill him

Isaiah Carvalho told "GMA" he's "still in shock" after learning his estranged wife, Valerie Cincinelli, a New York City police officer, allegedly hired a hit man to kill him.
4:14 | 05/22/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Husband 'lost' after NYPD wife allegedly tried to kill him
Without a doubt. Now to an ABC news exclusive. The estranged husband of a new York City police officer is now speaking out saying his ex hired a hit man to kill him and he had to play dead to stay alive. ABC's T.J. Holmes sat down with him and, T.J., you're here with this incredible story. This is a bizarre story. We're talking about a veteran New York police officer once named officer of the month in her precinct and a mother of two is sitting in jail without bond this morning because of what prosecutors say is overwhelming evidence that she tried to hire someone to kill her husband. Even though the plan, police say, had been in place for month, the husband only found out about it a few days ago when police told him that they needed his help. They needed him to fake his own death. I didn't want to believe it. But apparently it's true. What convinced you. When the feds staged my death. Reporter: Isaiah Carvalho was supposed to be dead now according to this complaint that his ex-wife orchestrated a murder-for-hire plot where he was one of two targets. I was shocked. I was taken back by the whole thing. I didn't know how to react. Reporter: Federal investigators say 34-year-old Valerie cincinelli, a 12-year NYPD veteran asked her boyfriend to hire a hit man to kill not only her estranged husband but her boyfriend's teenage daughter allegedly giving him $7,000 to pay the hit man. But her boyfriend turned to authorities and agreed to have his conversations with her recorded by the FBI. Details of the alleged plan laid bare in the criminal complaint including where and when she is said to have wanted the murders to take place saying it would not look suspicious because the murder would take place in the hood or the ghetto and that if she was questioned by police, she would have nothing to worry about because she would be home at the time of the murders. Cincinelli had allegedly been plotting since February, but Carvalho only found out Friday when police showed up at his home with a request. They ended up taking me to an undisclosed location and had me fake my death. And took pictures of it. What was that like for you? The craziest thing I ever had to experience in my life. What did they have you do that morning? They had me sit in my car. They put glass on the floor and all over me and had me hunch over into the passenger seat. Reporter: As part of the sting detectives went to cincinelli's home to tell H.E.R. Husband was murdered and later FBI agents posing as the hit man texted the photos for her to see. Cincinelli's family has come to her defense this week. I guarantee you my daughter is innocent of this. If or when maybe I should say you have an opportunity to speak to her again what are you itching to say to her? Why? You don't seem to have the faintest idea of why right now. No. Now, cincinelli has not entered a plea. She is being held without bond at this point. A lot of questions but the family, the father you heard there said there's something else going on and possibly being set up by her boyfriend. He's the one that went to the He's the one that went to the police. But the father just swears there's something else going on with the boyfriend so he's putting that out there but the husband there, the estranged husband you hear from, he can't come up with anything. They've been together for all these years. They've gone through a divorce. It's been going on for about a year and a half. It's not contentious. Were supposed to go to court next month to finalize thing. He still is racking his brain to figure out why she would do this and why she was possibly even capable. You called it bizarre. Makes it even more bizarre. See how it plays out. Thank you. Now those new concerns about

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"Isaiah Carvalho told \"GMA\" he's \"still in shock\" after learning his estranged wife, Valerie Cincinelli, a New York City police officer, allegedly hired a hit man to kill him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63195812","title":"Husband 'lost' after NYPD wife allegedly tried to kill him","url":"/GMA/News/video/husband-lost-nypd-wife-allegedly-kill-63195812"}