Indianapolis community mourn victims of mass shooting

The victims, four from the tight-knit Sikh community, were allegedly gunned down at a FedEx facility by a former worker last week.
2:50 | 04/18/21

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Transcript for Indianapolis community mourn victims of mass shooting
we start in Indianapolis and the search for answers after that mass shooting that killed eight people at a FedEx facility. So much pain after yet another rampage with loved ones of those who died speaking out this morning. Will Carr is in Indianapolis with the very latest. Will, good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning, whit. Overnight authorities came out and said that the alleged shooter legally purchased two assault rifles last year, the rifles that he used in the attack on the FedEx behind me. It comes after the FBI interviewed that suspect last year and took a separate rifle out of his house leaving some to question if more should have been done to prevent this shooting. This morning, Indianapolis is mourning the eight lives lost. Amarjeet Johal was killed working at a FedEx hub, one of the largest in the world. She was an aunt, a mother and a grandmother. This weekend her granddaughter got engaged. I know. I just saw her this week, like that's -- it doesn't feel real. I posted her picture everywhere because she is not going to be a she has a story. She's a person. Reporter: Her family waited for more than 12 hours only to find out that their worst fears had come true. We were looking in hospitals everywhere. We couldn't find her. No one could sleep all night. We just waited all day. We were shivering, shaking, just hoping nothing happened to H. Reporter: Johal and three other victims were members of Indianapolis' sikh community. The alleged shooter bought the two guns used in the attack legally in July and September of 2020 despite Indiana's red flag law. This after previously being on authorities' radar. We want accountability, but right now is not the time. When one of our own passes away, the whole sikh community grieves with them. Reporter: Karli Smith was 19. She just started working at FedEx. She was the mini-me. She was literally my look-alike. She was -- if the kids needed something and I couldn't do it or I wasn't available, go get your sister. She can help you with it. Reporter: She's one of eight. Eight loved ones who were taken from their families without the chance to say good-bye. Chaplain Matt Barnes, a family friend of slain 19-year-old samaria Blackwell, remembers Blackwell as an athlete who always had a smile on her face. On the court she'd put a mouth guard on and be the meanest looking girl out there. Step off the court, she's got this beautiful smile. She just cared about people and so that was samaria in a nutshell. Reporter: And while friends and family members are still trying to absorb the loss of their loved ones, the alleged shooter's family has released a statement. They say they are devastated. They say they tried to get him help and are offering apologies to the victims and their families.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"The victims, four from the tight-knit Sikh community, were allegedly gunned down at a FedEx facility by a former worker last week.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77148138","title":"Indianapolis community mourn victims of mass shooting","url":"/GMA/News/video/indianapolis-community-mourn-victims-mass-shooting-77148138"}