Ivy League graduates win over $6M in 66 games

At least four Princeton graduates found 66 winning tickets in multiple state with jackpots totaling over $6 million and strategically bought scratch offs in bulk.
3:07 | 11/26/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ivy League graduates win over $6M in 66 games
Now to that lottery mystery that we all want answers about, a group of ivy league graduates snatching up tickets across the country and scoring big with more than $6 million. Raising questions about whether they found a way to beat the system. Alex Perez as the story, Alex, good morning. How did they do it? Reporter: Hey, good morning, janai. You know, we've all walked into a gas station or store to buy a lottery ticket hoping we have the winning ticket only to walk out empty-handed. Well now this one group on a very lucky streak has walked out not with one winning ticket but with many winning tickets. This morning, growing questions about a lottery mystery. At least four princeton graduates hitting the jackpot big time finding 66 winning tickets in multiple states with jackpots totaling more than $6 million. According to an investigation by the Indianapolis star, one of them, Manuel Montori, has been on an 18-month winning streak cashing in 61 winning scratch-offs in just one day in September. His name wallpapered on this winner's page. The paper reporting that Montori was a philosophy major and while attending princeton he landed a job at an investment company that manages the school's endowment. The winning strategy appears to be buying in bulk. In Indiana alone the group reportedly bought from four dozen different gas stations, liquor stores and convenience shops including this one in Bloomington where they would buy entire books of tickets. She would text me and she would ask me how many books I had and I would let her know how many books and she would come in and purchase all of them. Reporter: The manager says she was told they were working for a man conducting a study and results would be shared later on YouTube. If it's a study, the plenty of data. At that store alone it's estimated they bought about 1600 tickets at $30 each. That's a total cost of $48,000 and that's just one store. If they did that at four dozen other Indiana locations they would have spent more than $2 million, which begs the question, are they actually Even under the best of circumstances, the amount that they're making net of what they're spending on the tickets is not going to be very large. Reporter: And there's another possible layer to the winnings. The Indianapolis star also reporting that all four individuals are associated with a company called black swan capital LLC. A company Montori founded. They have established a corporation and in gambling losses it can be written off your taxes so they might be able to write those losing tickets off as an expense of doing business with gambling to get tax benefits on their winnings. Reporter: We should point out no indication anyone in the lucky group has done anything illegal. We did try to contact the group for comment, but we did not get a response. Guys. Fascinating story, still a lo question, Alex, thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"At least four Princeton graduates found 66 winning tickets in multiple state with jackpots totaling over $6 million and strategically bought scratch offs in bulk.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74415889","title":"Ivy League graduates win over $6M in 66 games","url":"/GMA/News/video/ivy-league-graduates-win-6m-66-games-74415889"}