Joe Biden expected to receive presidential daily briefings starting tomorrow

President Trump continues to refuse to concede even after Pennsylvania handed him two back-to-back defeats.
5:06 | 11/29/20

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Transcript for Joe Biden expected to receive presidential daily briefings starting tomorrow
Thank you. Eva? As the Biden team moves ahead with its transmission work and the president continues challenging the election results, ABC's Rachel Scott joins us from Washington, D.C. Good morning, Rachel. Reporter: Eva, good morning to you. It's full steam ahead with President-Elect Joe Biden. He's expected to receive his first presidential daily brief it comes as president trump is still fightingerturn the results of an election he lost. This weekend the state of Pennsylvania handing the president two back to back defeats. Pennsylvania's supreme court striking down a Republican lawsuit to toss out more than 2 million mail-in ballots. The state's justice unanimously rejecting the case. They have failed to allege even a single mail-in ballot was fraudulently cast or counted. Noting several of the Republicans who brought the lawsuit partici in primary elections under this system without complaint. Adding courts should not decide elections when the will of the voters is clear. The ruling just the latest in a series of defeats for the president and his allies. At least 30 of their cases thrown out of court for lack of credible evidence. In Georgia Republicans are pushing unfounded claims of widespread voter fraud while telling voters to have faith in the upcoming elections. RNC chairman Rona Mcdaniel asked by a voter why even vote. How are we going to give money and work when it's already decided? It's not decided. How do we know? It's not decided. Reporter: The president continues a post-election fight while President-Elect Joe Biden is pushing ahead with the now just days away of announcing members of his economic team. Sources tell ABC news he's expected to tap Janet Yellen to serve as secretary of treasu. If confirmed, she would be the first woman on the job. The incoming administration will be challenged with reviving a economy weakened by a raging pandemic. Congress is deadlocked on the next coronavirus relief. Law makers left Washington for Thanksgiving without reaching a deal, bitterly divided over the size of a stimulus package, meanwhile suffering Americans are hanging in limbo. Small businesses aren't like the big businesses where they're getting the loans, the grants and the help. We're all we've got. Reporter: For millions of Americans it is a dire situation. Unemployment benefits, protections on student loan payments and rent payments are set to expire at the end of the year. As for that announcement by Joe Biden on his economic team, I'm told it could come on Tuesday. Dan? Rachel, thank you so much. For much more on all of this let's bring in Martha Raddatz who will be hosting "This week" later this morning. Martha, good morning. You recently visited one of those long lines at a fo bank in America. What are you hearing from people in need? Are they frustrated by Washington for not giving more stimulus right now? They're very frtrated, Dan. These stories are heart breaking. Just miles from my own home and probably your own home too, Dan, people lined up. About 40% of them have never sought any sort of food aid before. There they are in those lines. Many feel humiliated by having to do this. Many are essential workers who just aren't making enough money to feed their families. There's a real sense of panic. Some of these wonderful organizations who are giving out food are also worried that it's going to increase in the coming months because of a lack of a stimulus plan, a second stimulus plan. There's a great deal of concern out there. So much pain and panic as you said in America right now. You have Dr. Anthony Fauci on the show this morning. Do you have a sense of what he is bracing for as the case count rises here in America? You just heard from Dr. Brownstein. There's deep concern about the coming weeks and what happens after those images of all that travel and people ignoring the advice. That's the real problem. No matter how many times Dr. Fauci says this, no many how many times Dr. Brownstein says this people aren't following the rules. They aren't in many places following the rules. There are places there are not wearing masks, not social distancing. That affects everyone. Dr. Anthony Fauci, I'm sure, will tell us he's a bit worried about the next holidays, the Christmas holidays. We certainly want to know what he thinks should be done during those holidays. We'll be watching. Martha, thank you for coming on. Check out "This week" later this morning. Martha going one on one with Dr. Anthony Fauci to discuss the surging pandemic. Plus, she's speak with Dr. William Mccraven. About national security challenges the incoming Biden administration. That's on "This week" on ABC. Eva, over to you.

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{"duration":"5:06","description":"President Trump continues to refuse to concede even after Pennsylvania handed him two back-to-back defeats.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74446401","title":"Joe Biden expected to receive presidential daily briefings starting tomorrow ","url":"/GMA/News/video/joe-biden-expected-receive-presidential-daily-briefings-starting-74446401"}