Jogger details how she escaped abduction attempt

A surveillance camera captured the terrifying ordeal on video as the 37-year-old Massachusetts woman kicked and screamed as she tried to escape from the attacker's grip.
3:42 | 06/20/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jogger details how she escaped abduction attempt
At ABC news exclusive to get the jogger was caught on camera fighting off her assailant this morning that brave woman telling their story for the first time about how she managed to escape. Lindsay is here with more on this good morning into the good morning Robin sheet. Already run several miles and and still have the wherewithal to fight any attacker and then take a picture of his license plate. While she says she still experiencing a lot of fear in the aftermath she keeps reminding herself that only one person trying to help her but twenty or more people. Tried to help her. It happened in broad daylight police say a brazen assaults and attempted abduction all caught on camera. Want just a car pulls up in front of a woman jogging Sunday morning in Bridgewater Massachusetts. A man runs torture. I kept thinking this isn't happening you know lawyers running out a car I kept us hoping like me B is he running because maybe he's. Maybe he's afraid of having medical emergency but when he was coming right at me I was like okay this is happening. The woman who asked that we not show or face shared her experience exclusively with ABC news. Talking about her harrowing encounter with a suspect police later identified as Gordon alliance. Was previously convicted of rape in 1978. The jogger says the suspect grabbed both of her arms and groped her while trying to drag or to his car that winds. Kind of a moment of being yeah out some fear but also. This I'm not gonna let this happen this is not how my story and the 37 year old fought back screaming and kicking her attacker he stumbles falling to the ground. It's our car pull over and having me and walked over from next story and then me and weighs in older gentleman he probably didn't know what he was gonna do but yet he did it and you walked over anyway and that I cannot tell you how grateful I am. The suspect then took off at a high speed. But each other still managed to get a clue to help police track him down. The victim here was able to get a picture of the back of the vehicle including a license plate and also call 911. Which immediately ran you know our department. Maybe it's a movie scene maybe something you wonder Lachey what what I do if my life was in danger and you don't really now we kind of don't know what you got how you gonna react in a situation like until it happens. On Tuesday the lions the 57 year old charged in the Bridgewater attack. Hid under a sheet during his arraignment in the hospital where he entered a plea of not guilty although she is this. Arrived as a victim in this case she is anything but a victim. She is somebody who fought back who was not going to be a victim this young lady is a very courageous. Strong and determined individual. And you heard her there the joggers and that she's so thankful for the bravery of a neighbor who shouted at the attacker and also passer by. Who pulled over called 911 and then followed the suspect woman was back out jogging again yesterday morning this time. With a police swim club the same but it was wonderful see the vapor coming houses and trying to help. She did everything right. And thank goodness it into the way. It did what we learned from her story so the tips here if you can don't run by yourself ditch that headphones because you want to be alert and your surroundings try not to run in a remote location and also switch up your retains the no one can expect. Every day the same time you're going to be running right here which. Like running down a little yeah. And I guess you're age you're right. That's the last time you deficit that's who that's when he expected the legalese aria you know be prepared to fight back like she did that older gentleman who ran over and help he didn't know what was gonna happen. She had sun screen unsolicited may be that what's that helped the net net we're neighbors said that he thought it made her more difficult for him to grab onto her army made her more slippery. Yeah we're just happy whenever don't have kept him thinks Lindsay.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":" A surveillance camera captured the terrifying ordeal on video as the 37-year-old Massachusetts woman kicked and screamed as she tried to escape from the attacker's grip.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56023550","title":"Jogger details how she escaped abduction attempt","url":"/GMA/News/video/jogger-details-escaped-abduction-attempt-56023550"}