Johnson & Johnson looks to get emergency use authorization for its vaccine

State officials are ramping up efforts to increase the number of people getting vaccinated.
3:23 | 02/27/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Johnson & Johnson looks to get emergency use authorization for its vaccine
A third vaccine could be on its way to American arms in days from Johnson & Johnson storage facilities like this one in Kentucky. The fda's expected to make a final decision on authorizing the vaccine this weekend after the agency's independent advisory panel voted unanimously Friday in favor of it. With that in mind, California governor Gavin Newsom already tweeting his state expects to get at least 380,000 doses as early as next week. The CDC says nearly 9% of American adults are fully vaccinated so far. Nearly 19% are partially ABC's Trevor Ault is at Citi field where vaccinations are being done around the clock, still trying to catch up after those winter storms. Trevor, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, whit. You know, a lot of people have been calling on sites like these to go 24/7 from the very beginning. They simply haven't had the necessary supply in order to do that. But emergency authorization for the Johnson & Johnson shot could be a big help with that problem, provide us another weapon to fight this virus which is still spreading at an alarming rate. This morning, a potentially game-changing boost in the vaccine race. The fda saying it's working rapidly to finalize emergency use authorization of the Johnson & Johnson single shot vaccine. It is completely safe, and it is a single-dose regimen. Reporter: A panel of independent experts unanimously recommending authorization Friday after trials have shown the Johnson & Johnson shot is 85% effective against severe disease and 100% effective against hospitalizations and death with 2 out of more than 400,000 trial participates having suspected severe allergic reactions. The doses can be stored and shipped in normal refrigerators and upon authorization, the 3 to 4 million doses already available could start shipping out as early as Monday with a goal of 20 million by the end of March and 100 million by June. We now have three highly effective vaccines. You look at the data and it's clear that you get essentially no hospitalizations or deaths. Reporter: States are now ramping up their infrastructure trying to make up for delays caused by last week's winter storm. Three New York City sites will be offering shots 24/7 now that they have a surplus of doses. The 100st airborne deploying to Orlando to help run a FEMA site, one of five medical units going to help in Florida and Philadelphia. Illinois expanding eligibility criteria to millions more people. I am a two-time cancer survivor and had a stem cell implant. Even though it's been years ago, I still get sick easily. It was important to get vaccinated. Reporter: Health officials fear nationwide progress is stalling. The CDC director warning against returning to normal too soon. We may be done with the virus but clearly the virus is not done with us. We cannot get comfortable or give in to a false sense of security that the worst of the pandemic is behind us. Reporter: Still, some states are moving forward with their re-opening plans. North Carolina is allowing gyms, restaurants, stores to extend their hours. Massachusetts is looking to do the same thing. Mississippi might lift its mask mandate for people who have been vaccinated and Texas might lift its mask mandate altogether. All right, Trevor Ault for us, thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"State officials are ramping up efforts to increase the number of people getting vaccinated.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76152009","title":"Johnson & Johnson looks to get emergency use authorization for its vaccine","url":"/GMA/News/video/johnson-johnson-emergency-authorization-vaccine-76152009"}