Juror speaks out after bombshell Harvey Weinstein conviction

Juror number 2 told “Inside Edition” that it felt like her heart was going to “pop out” of her chest as the women took the stand and hopes this will help them move forward.
2:48 | 02/26/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Juror speaks out after bombshell Harvey Weinstein conviction
We have the latest on Harvey Weinstein waking up in a hospital in New York again this morning instead of jail. This after being convicted of sexual assault. This as one of the jurors now reveals how they reached their verdict. Erielle reshef is outside Bellevue hospital here in new York with more. Good morning, erielle. Reporter: Good morning to you, robin. Weinstein faces up to 29 years behind bars but first that detour here at Bellevue hospital for heart palpitations on his way to rikers island jail, now a juror speaking out about those five days of deliberations that led to the stunning verdict. This morning, juror number two speaking out for the first time in the wake of Harvey Weinstein's bombshell conviction. I was confident in the decision that I myself made. Reporter: Recounting to "Inside edition" the heart-pounding moments as she and the 11 other jurors issued the verdict. My hands were sweating. I felt like my heart was literally going to pop out of my chest. Every last woman who took the stand I wish them the best and hope this is a chant they are they could close and move forward with their lives. Reporter: 18 hours of deliberations culminating with Weinstein found guilty of third degree rape and sexual assault. We weren't deadlocked. We just didn't want to have some people change their minds, some people wanted to go home over the weekend and think about it. Reporter: For Mimi haleyi who testified Weinstein forced himself on her in 2006, a sense of relief. I'm happy that the jury got it and just grateful that I was heard and believed. Reporter: And the verdict also feeling like vindication for dozens of Weinstein's accusers. Tarale Wulff hoping her testimony in his trial will help other women. It got me to come forward and getting others to come forward. That's what I'm getting from this and I hope others are too. Reporter: Weinstein maintaining all encounters with his accusers were consensual but the former Hollywood titan now issued an inmate number swept out of court Monday immediately taken into custody then hospitalized on the way to the infamous rikers island jail after suffering heart palpitations. I was pleasantly surprised that he was in pretty good spirits. Reporter: His room flanked by corrections officers. A spokesperson for Weinstein telling ABC news he is working with a prison consultant to prepare for daily life behind bars. And Weinstein is expected to be housed in the rikers island infirmary unit due to his back injury. He's also expected to be confined to a wheelchair not allowed to use that walker we saw him push in and out of court. His attorneys tell me that they are optimistic about his appeal but they do expect him to spend the next few weeks behind bars as he awaits his sentencing hearing on March 11th.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"Juror number 2 told “Inside Edition” that it felt like her heart was going to “pop out” of her chest as the women took the stand and hopes this will help them move forward.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69227079","title":"Juror speaks out after bombshell Harvey Weinstein conviction","url":"/GMA/News/video/juror-speaks-bombshell-harvey-weinstein-conviction-69227079"}