Kavanaugh accuser's attorney responds to Trump's attacks

Deborah Ramirez's attorney, John Clune, tells "GMA" how she assessed her memories to determine Brett Kavanaugh was a the student who she said had exposed himself to her.
4:40 | 09/26/18

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Transcript for Kavanaugh accuser's attorney responds to Trump's attacks
A lot of people will be WATC Terry. Thanks. We talk to the attorne for Missouri. Thanks for joining us. Your R to the ident. He says your client has nothing, was Ales to B etdisgusng pretty hurtful. I mean I think evedy C understahy a politician nts to spin what is bad inrmation, B to do I I that mocking fashif outeborre testimony. "The newor reports S contacme formeclassmates told se ofhem she couldn't be certain Mr. Kavah was the O who exposed himself. Is that true as she now certain it was Mr. Va Yeah, my understanding is th that true sken with her about by some PEOP for beive Ver deliberate and very careful about the information that she put ouhere andso, you know, she was Ver mf the in, some she wasn't noonfident inndnly pu the infmaon to the new yoer stuff she was nfidentin. , Is she certain -- now cernd has led to questions as . President trump said look at the lawys yesterday and suging th P coaxed her a coached her tesny. Well, I W not they that was being referen I time that she was recalling what had ppened but terson T she did hire is sody whos how to talk with survivors of sexual violence iay that does N suggt formation. He was the bould atey until jt a month ago. So he's not the K of individualho be remotelyggestive T helpra sort of story. Hel her throug you know, a very old Mory. The presiden press secretaryarah Sande told me E presi is opening to having Ms. Ramirez testify to sene judiciarmmittee. Is she willing to appear I public Well,n' vited.is has been one of the really frustring parts. We've been emailing with the senate judiciary committee. They want a fulleakdown O that she knows,hichisne. But they're refg talk T us a tal a what -- any kind of process would ke. So it's a little bit of a moot to have her come forward.I presume she ul but until they have a conversati with usboutit, there's nothing we can do. Can you clear that up conflting sts. I talk members O senate an they sents and asked you to prove evidence D and you haven't comped. U id you tho you had phone call set up for 7:00 M. But T GOP staffers didn'thow up on the phonecall. Where do things stand exactly rinow with theenate judiciary committee? So, that's exa wt happened. Whowed the phone call. The minorityty showed for E call. And the majority party D show up., you know, at this point, know,hey kp on reiterating that they want more rmation. We'll be happy to provide them with me inrmation, B why they won't even T to U on the phone is a mystery. You say're happy prm with more ination. Is ms.ramirez willing to tey N only she invited to the senate ciary committe but W toear in public and story? Well, you know,all, George, what she hasff Hink iery important to uncore that the P in place for the background instigationso go through the fbi,s is somethi that has B in place for many Y dhy everybody involved in this situation doesot an FBI invtigation O ts . Yo I W thinkhis is a complete disasr F everyby involved. Dge kavanah,he president, our client, theme people and the only wo really get at the tth for people to interv a T individuals who were present, all the and heard ithoutths gog to be failed pss N matter howhe do it. But shs willing to talk to the commit but weee to find out Moret they willing to do for R. Ohn clune,hayour me this min thanks orge.

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"Deborah Ramirez's attorney, John Clune, tells \"GMA\" how she assessed her memories to determine Brett Kavanaugh was a the student who she said had exposed himself to her.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58090077","title":"Kavanaugh accuser's attorney responds to Trump's attacks ","url":"/GMA/News/video/kavanaugh-accusers-attorney-responds-trumps-attacks-58090077"}