Lion Air, Ethiopian Airlines jets lacked safety features

The two jets that both crashed did not have two safety features for the Boeing 737 Max which were considered premium add-ons.
2:35 | 03/22/19

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Transcript for Lion Air, Ethiopian Airlines jets lacked safety features
Now the latest on all of Boeing 737 Max jets. This morning their report that American Airlines pilots may test the software fix and a simulator as soon after this week in this compass questions grow about bullying. Charging extra for safety feature that with absinthe in both the doomed planes ABC David currently have the details good morning David. Morning Michael Boeing is moving quickly with the software update were told they may start meeting with customers soon to explain what the update. Will mean for their aircraft in the meantime one airline. From Indonesia says it would like to cancel its orders for this new aircraft. This morning would. Airlines saying it's lost confidence in the 737 Max is asking to cancel its nearly five billion dollar order. After trouble would this sensor in at least one of the crashes the carrier garuda telling ABC news that it may switch to other Boeing aircraft because an outright cancellation for the airline would be costly. This as Boeing is getting ready to roll out that promise software update to the controversial anti stall system. Reportedly as early as the coming days and bad news coming after we learned that both the Ethiopian jet and the doomed lion airplane months earlier reportedly did not have to optional add on safety features for the Mac's features the came with a price tag every 737 Max has two sensors indicate whether the nose of the jet is pointed up or down but that anti stall system known as M cast which was activated during the lion air crash. Forces the nose down only using one sensor for a price an icon showing the angle of the jet. Can be added to the screen in the cockpit a second ad on has a light turn on if the censors don't agree. To again. We'll sensors on the airplane people's ought to be feeding data the cockpit you shouldn't have to pay extra to get them bolts to talk the pilots in the software update the disagree light will be a standard feature and Boeing says in the future the MCAS will rely on two's censors before engaging ritual designed Reid lied on the pilots take appropriate action. What we've learned from these two accidents that may not occur southwest and American Airlines both pay for those safety features but united does not. Saying their pilots are trained with other instruments and to shut off the anti stall system. If it is engaged incorrectly. Now this software update is going to require certification from the FAA and additional training. If that is simulator training that's going to be difficult because there aren't that many simulators out there. For the Mac signed so Cecilia this aircraft could stay on the ground for several more weeks OK David thank you.

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"The two jets that both crashed did not have two safety features for the Boeing 737 Max which were considered premium add-ons.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61862025","title":"Lion Air, Ethiopian Airlines jets lacked safety features","url":"/GMA/News/video/lion-air-ethiopian-airlines-jets-lacked-safety-features-61862025"}