Lori Loughlin's family 'in chaos': Report

Plus, Loughlin’s "Fuller House" co-star Bob Saget described his continued support of Loughlin to Fox News, saying, "I don’t cut people out."
2:47 | 10/31/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lori Loughlin's family 'in chaos': Report
We turn to some new developments in the college admissions scandal as another parent is sentenced in the case. "People" magazine reports that Lori Loughlin's family is, quote, in chaos and she and her husband face new bribery charges. Linsey Davis here with the good morning, linsey. Reporter: According to that source the actress just wanted the best for her daughters reportedly. She is sad, angry but mostly terrified and regrets not taking a plea deal and that source attributes the family being in chaos to the prosecution surprising them with a third federal charge. This morning, actress Lori Loughlin is reportedly at a breaking point. Just one week after she and her husband mossimo giannulli were hit with an additional federal charge. One count each of conspiracy to commit federal programs bribery. The couple now faces up to 45 years each in prison. This is a huge nightmare for Lori, huge, crushing anxiety pressing on their family and have such an uncertain future. Reporter: They stand accused of paying $500,000 to get their two daughters in usc by posing then as elite athletes. They've been quietly going about their lives awaiting the next court date but according to a Loughlin source who spoke to "People" magazine the new charge left them panicked. Lori will have moments where she breaks down and moments where she kind of gets this kind of feeling of grit and determination that she's going to beat this. Reporter: This as Bob asget is speaking out about his longtime friend to Fox News. I love the people I love and I have empathy for people that are in my life for 35 years. I don't cut people out. Reporter: Loughlin and her husband are two of 22 people who pleaded not guilty to their alleged roles in the country's largest cheating scandal. This as another parent fellow actress felicity Huffman was released from prison after admitting guilt in her role, a case Loughlin reportedly watched closely. Lori does feel she is a scapegoat because she's is one of the most famous people involved in the case and feels like it's a David and goliath situation and the government can put as much pressure on them as they want. Reporter: On Wednesday another parent charged in the "Varsity blues" scandal met his fate. Jeffrey bizak sensed to two months in jail after admitting to paying $250,000 for getting his son into usc as a volleyball player. And the same daughters that she was trying to help could now be witnesses against their parents at trial and they could also be charged as defendants themselves. Through it all the source says Lori Loughlin is adamant, the allegations guns her are not true. You can read the full story in the new people on newsstands nationwide Friday, Michael.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"Plus, Loughlin’s \"Fuller House\" co-star Bob Saget described his continued support of Loughlin to Fox News, saying, \"I don’t cut people out.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66659542","title":"Lori Loughlin's family 'in chaos': Report","url":"/GMA/News/video/lori-loughlins-family-chaos-report-66659542"}