Major flash flooding pummels the Midwest

The storms brought high winds and caused damaging sinkholes and washouts from Michigan to Wisconsin.
2:35 | 06/18/18

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Transcript for Major flash flooding pummels the Midwest
We're going to turn from the border to that severe heat that'soving in. 18 states under alert ap the west faces devastating flash floods. Ten inches falling in se areas in few hours, caung major damage to roads as youan see there. Take a look at this river in Wisconsin on 4:0p.m. On Saturday and the just a day late 4:00 P.M. On sundayhat R rising high enough to reach the bottom ofhat bridge. Gier is trackin it all. Od morning, ginger. This is where I come from. A lot of us this morning going E either inconveniend or in danger because of weather. From topeka,ansas to Portland, main there are heat advisories and summer doesn't start unt late but don't tell anybody in Indianapolis where it willeel like more than 100. Schools closing early from westchester, new York through Massachusetts. Then we've got to turn to that flooding. Guys, the pictures are incredible. I just got O messenger with the national weather service out of Marquette. This is a live look at Hancock, Michigan. The damage, they said more than half a foot of rain fell in a couple of hrs Sunday morning causing landslidesshing that house, a guys, the rain isn't done ye Reporter: This is what three inches of rain per hour looks like. Water rushing down E hills of northern Michigan and it's still raining this mor aft a weekend washout across the north great Lakes. Ash flooding causing sinkholes and debilitating damage. In Michigan's upper peninsula, seven inches of rain fell in just three hours turning this county road INT a Gushi river with emergency svices reporting more than 60 sinkholes and washouts. People told to shelter in place as road after road after road remas impasimpassable. The downpours loosening the sound beneath this street Taki the black top with it. Now the overwhelming vob O cleaning up. In norern Wisconsin up to ten inches of rain and in Duluth, Minnesota people wading through submerged roads. The storms ao accompanied B dangerously high winds. A man capturing this tornado in Wisconsin. Extreme weather, torturing folks in Wyoming too, where hail pounded Cheyenne, bncing off windshields and blanketing Thi highway. A lot of the flood concern now sinks south from western Kansas to was W, Wisconsin because the stationary front and new low is going to drop up to four incheseastern Nebraska, D. Tough to see those pictures this morning. Ginger, thanks. Overseas to aeadly earthquake rocking Japan

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"The storms brought high winds and caused damaging sinkholes and washouts from Michigan to Wisconsin.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55970086","title":"Major flash flooding pummels the Midwest","url":"/GMA/News/video/major-flash-flooding-pummels-midwest-55970086"}