The man behind the Evel Knievel stunt speaks out on 'GMA'

Motorsports icon Travis Pastrana discusses his historic jump in Las Vegas live on "GMA."
5:52 | 07/09/18

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Transcript for The man behind the Evel Knievel stunt speaks out on 'GMA'
heart clutching as the winds were behind himasching the weather, of course, for the wholeee hour, Now Travis past, the man himself, he'sni usor his first intew since those daring jumps. Is, welcome, man. Applause ] Thank you so much. Sappyo be talking to you. And you didn't choose to break Rd. Not even two rico had you to go all out and break three record we ached that. You make it look easy but at the same time wondering do you think you have to be a little crazy to try this? Oh, without a doubtou have to be a littlezy T, you know, definitely the cst part was to be able to have the entire Evel knievel family out here you know, to really aegd and live a day in my hero's boots. Tart from the beginnin 52 . So we'll play thiseo and walk us through what was going through your mind when you're getting ready it hit that ramp and jump over 52 cars. Well, iad jumped these jumps on a modern motorcycle but to do I on a motorcycle at wed that much withy three inches of suspen, I knew it had to be-on with the speed. Luckily a great crew THA set everything up so well and jus ally hit the marks and it was amazing. It is a super fast motorcycle double the horsepower of anything I'veve ridden so ome first jump. You say I jumped 52 car, thatsnothing. Pull out the 16buses.what is going through your mind as you're appring that ram getting ready to jump over 16 Buse Well, that was probably the highest risk stunt of the night cause we're going up Alm 200 feet, youow, around 80 miles an hour, probably five stories in the air so with no suspension really have to hit your mar it's so hard to even stand U on that motole becauselly the motor is so big Y feet don't even wrap around jus trying to hit your marks exactly as I had hoped D, you know, it wasretty rad. Fivetoes high. Wow. And the finally the caesars pa fount jumps a jump we Evel knl try to do. He wasn't successful in it.with that being ihe back of your mind,oes that put even more pure on you? Wet was definitely the most ic stunt locn the world with caesars palace and jumping the fountain so that was such anorestly to be able to do this and the moleas pretty hot. Ituper hot O here in vague and they were C for rain, so I was just happyt held off until this morning really but took off asard as I could and got good drive, good takeoff. Those torcycles you have to land them just right so evng wentmazingly well, T preparatioor the night crow circus team awe to have it on history and there Evel knievel family and my fami here to witness. Yeah, as you said, yes. [ Applau ands you said, tvel knievel family, but your F was there. We a pictureyour wife D Ung daughters right before you went out. Know she I a competitive skateboarder. Any advice like, honey,on't mess this up? Yeah, know, the Funt advice the from my 4-year-o she said, dad, don't B all your bones likevel and turned around andsaid, or thanks, very helpful informat Well, I tell you what, Travis, we're honored you chose to talk us about T and congratulations on an incredible feat. How much. Good luck for what's coming up next. Iw something big is coming up for you as . Coming up next on "Gma" we

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{"id":56454201,"title":"The man behind the Evel Knievel stunt speaks out on 'GMA' ","duration":"5:52","description":"Motorsports icon Travis Pastrana discusses his historic jump in Las Vegas live on \"GMA.\" ","url":"/GMA/News/video/man-evel-knievel-stunt-speaks-gma-56454201","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}