Man identified in suspected mail bombing campaign: Sources

CCesar Sayoc, 56, has been identified by authorities as the suspect in custody, law enforcement sources said.
4:09 | 10/26/18

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Transcript for Man identified in suspected mail bombing campaign: Sources
Let's get right to Pierre Thomas or senior justice correspondent in Washington. Because we're getting a much more information about the suspect Pierre. And some of that key elements of of the things that led authorities to that person what do you tell us. But what their newest information we have we can now identify the suspect in custody being questioned. By law enforcement again the case wrapped up by the FB IA TF Secret Service the suspect is being identified to us as a sees Arcsight yuck 56 years old. Of Ivan tour of Florida. Law enforcement officials as you can see by some of the aerial shots we have have been investigating. A car perhaps associated with the suspect they're questioning him trying to get additional information. Our law enforcement officials are breathing a sigh of relief they think they've made a major. Break in this case. Are we are being told that at the upcoming press conference at the debt the Department of Justice at 230 the attorney general Jeff Sessions FBI director Chris right. And the NYPD commissioner James O'Neal will attend this press conference to brief us on how they got to the suspect. Carol and I ask you couple questions about some the other developments today we talked about the two packages. Just this morning one of them. Being discovered in New York that when address is CNN specifically. Former Director of National Intelligence said James clapper the other are addressed to senator Cory Booker. Of New Jersey. What what happened now thankfully no one has been injured throughout this investigation. But what will happen with these packages we know they're sending them to app BI headquarters. In in Virginia to be inspected. How does this move forward from here. What he's willing these packages are these presidential devices are being sent to the FBI laboratory. In chronicle Virginia where they are being dissected. Taken apart piece by piece of it. They can analyze what exactly we're talking about one of the things they want to determine is hired by how viable. These devices are or are not. The other thing that I can tell you with that they're quite concerned about is that there could be additional packages still in the pipeline that have been shipped out already. And law enforcement officials. Are still working this case hard. No resource is being spared so this is still ongoing matter despite the break in the case are Pierre Thomas forest thank you and I do want to point out while the president called them bombs we're calling them suspected explosive devices. Because law enforcement sources are telling us they don't know yet sophistication level of these devices they want to inspect them and that's all part of the investigation. Let's go to Eva pilgrim in Florida because Opel lock of Florida eve. Became a focal point. All of this case in the past few days specifically a postal facility. Where they were able to intercept some of these packages. That's right where they came here to this facility where they sort through the packages. And investigators ended up here by following clues there was actually forensic evidence on at least one of these packages that led investigators here to South Florida. And they are also telling us that there were images from the US Postal Service. Of those packages being sorted. Through this mail process that led them to this suspect as well we're hearing from multiple sources that the suspect. Was tracked using his cell phone. They have recovered that cell phone a laptop and other electronic devices as well and no doubt at this hour they are going through. Those devices to find more clues about exactly. What he did when. All right Eva thank you and I do want to point out some video that we've been showing you of a white van and we know that that band is. Somehow related to the investigation it has been seized by law enforcement there you see a covered in a TARP. We don't know exactly. What the relationship is between that van and the suspect in custody but authorities no doubt will be investigating that as well the Justice Department is going to have a press conference later this afternoon to provide more details. When anything happens in this case will bring that to you in the meantime. Stay tuned please come back for world news tonight with David Muir all the latest developments on And honor ABC news apple. For breaking news alerts I'm with Johnson a New York. Have a good that. This has been a special who. From ABC.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"CCesar Sayoc, 56, has been identified by authorities as the suspect in custody, law enforcement sources said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58772739","title":"Man identified in suspected mail bombing campaign: Sources","url":"/GMA/News/video/man-identified-suspected-mail-bombing-campaign-sources-58772739"}