Massive Chinese space station to land somewhere on Earth

China's defunct and reportedly out-of-control Tiangong-1 space station is expected to re-enter Earth's atmosphere sometime this weekend.
2:56 | 04/01/18

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Transcript for Massive Chinese space station to land somewhere on Earth
OK so there's news this morning and that dooms Chinese satellite senior being a large second 2011 it's it's been capturing the world's attention while it is hardly towards earth. As we speak for a crash landing but no one knows just where a wedding. ABC's but Johnson joins us from Los Angeles this morning and wit this space station it is his biggest bust. No wonder people are slightly on edge this morning. All it did exactly as big as the bus about 191000 pounds. And we could Paul and Dan be looking at a possible April fool's delay the window reentry shipping later and later possibly ended tomorrow morning. So many different complicated variables making it unclear whether parts of this Chinese space station will striker. This morning new simulation video of the fiery finale Yong gon line China's first base station puncturing Earth's atmosphere. Most of it breaking apart flaming debris streaking across the sky. Somewhere between. Ten to 40% of it will survive the entry. And those pieces will be probably various sizes likely to be a spectacular view if the conditions are right. But exactly where and why it's impossible to predict. Well. The unknown Chinese components only adding to the mystery. Greece closed land over parts of the US stretching from northern California to New York most of it won't won't cause any problems at all or no hazard at all costs. Because most soldiers burn up. In the atmosphere are still in Michigan governor Rick Snyder has activated the State's emergency operations center. To monitor space station's reentry the control room ought to high alert tracking the stations every move. If you believe that a piece of debris is there we a message to stay away a call 91 and let the professionals. And with 71% of the earth covered in water sight to see the odds of getting hit by falling space junk one image rilya. Space junk falls from the sky just about every day what's unique about the. A space station debris from outer space thousands of tons hit the earth every night every day all the time but listings eight and half times. And it's cylindrical the solar panels are gonna go like this or like this and so there's a lot of unknowns. That'll latest prediction from American scientist puts a re entry window about fourteen hours around 10 PM. Eastern tonight now back it definitely changed it of it puts your minds at ease a little bit only one person. On record has ever been struck by pieces space junk that was back in 1997. And Dedham Paula she was not her. Yes it just fine defense siren call correctly and a hitter on the shoulder. Yes definitely believe everything at rush golfers don't and I know you're trying to make us feel about him still take cover we need to do a minute just duck. That's my plan you better worry more about the lightning ball thank you very much appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"China's defunct and reportedly out-of-control Tiangong-1 space station is expected to re-enter Earth's atmosphere sometime this weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54158425","title":"Massive Chinese space station to land somewhere on Earth","url":"/GMA/News/video/massive-chinese-space-station-land-earth-54158425"}