Mexican police guard Mormon compound after deadly ambush

The surviving family members say they believe their relatives were gunned down to spark a new battle in an ongoing war between drug gangs.
3:22 | 11/07/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mexican police guard Mormon compound after deadly ambush
We turn to new developments in that deadly ambush on an American family in Mexico. Officials are blaming drug cartels for the assault but there are new questions about whether the family was targeted. Our chief national affairs correspondent Tom llamas spoke with some of the relatives who took him inside their compound. Good morning, Tom. Reporter: Michael, good morning. This horrific incident no doubt has drawn a red line for several of the families that live out here. This road is a major pipeline for the cartels to take drugs from Mexico right into the U.S. And this is one of the only roads in and out of this community. As some think about leaving others are vowing to stay but today they will all be united at two funerals for several of the victimsment overnight, Mexican military and police forces guarding the Mormon compound where members of that American family took off from before being gunned down by a drug cartel. So much more awful than any of us could have imagined. Reporter: Kendra Miller, the bride-to-be, it was her wedding in days. Now they're planning funerals set for later today. The family convinced their nine relatives including six children were gunned down to spark a new battle in an ongoing war between drug gangs. So you're saying your family was used as pawns. Yes, the chihuahua cartel used our three women and all the children as a provocation to start a war between them and the so for row. Reporter: Investigators don't know who exactly is responsible for the vicious ambush. Mexican officials think drug traffickers mistook the family's SUVs as referrals traveling through this narco infested section of Mexico. The Americans who are Mormon fundamentalists have been here decades before the cartels took over. We were incited into the family's compound and what you notice immediately are all the children. A lot of Americans will say why did you guys stay living here with all this drug violence surround you. There is a lot of goodness around us too. There is a people around here, a beautiful people. There's thugs around us, but most of the people are good people. Reporter: Julian, a relative, was tanked with finding the families after they realized something had gone wrong. He discovered one of the mother, Christina Langford's SUV. She said she was sprawled out on the road dead. In the passenger seat her baby named faith. Julian shot it when he found her. We opened the canopy and the baby was smiling at us and found the baby and underneath the car seat there were two more bullet holes. Reporter: Also learning 13-year-old Devin Blake Langford wasn't the only hero. The boy trekked for 14 miles after his family's car was attacked. His siblings bleeding from gunshot wounds. When he didn't return quickly his 9-year-old sister set out as well walking for several hours when the family found her, she said my brothers are hurt. They need help. Mexican officials have been in and out of this area for several days now and there's a large military presence but still no arrest and the family isn't confident anything will happen any time soon as they told us directly yesterday. The cartels run this part of the country. George. Such a dangerous situation. Okay, Tom, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"The surviving family members say they believe their relatives were gunned down to spark a new battle in an ongoing war between drug gangs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66815791","title":"Mexican police guard Mormon compound after deadly ambush","url":"/GMA/News/video/mexican-police-guard-mormon-compound-deadly-ambush-66815791"}