Miami mayor speaks about beaches reopening

Mayor Francis Suarez discusses Florida and Miami reopening.
3:33 | 06/13/20

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Transcript for Miami mayor speaks about beaches reopening
As Trevor mentioned this is the first weekend beaches in Miami are open since the stay-at-home order began. Miami mayor Francis Suarez is joining us now live. Mayor, thank you so much for speaking with us. I also just want to mention that you yourself had coronavirus and recovered so it is good to see you doing well with us this morning. Thank you. Thank you so much. It's a pleasure to be here. I want to jump right to the numbers here because Florida reported a new daily record high of more than 1,900 new cases on Friday. Do you have any concern that your state, your city, are re-opening too soon? Of course we're concerned. Not only did we have a daily record of 1,900, the day before I think they had 1,700 so it's two consecutive days of the highest total new cases, you know, together. So, of course, we're concerned. We, as the city of Miami, were the last to open in the entire state of Florida. We lagged behind miami-dade county which lagged behind the rest of the state. Having said that, there are major concerns. The cases continue to rise. We still have not incorporated into the data memorial day or all the protests so major concerns, you know, if the state data is increasing and miami-dade county is also showing a gradual increase. We were downward sloping over the last 30 days when we began our opening by by 13 cases per day and that downward slope had declined to a downward slope of 7 cases per day as of Monday. But we continue to see data that's indicating that cases are going up, and like I said, that still doesn't incorporate memorial day weekend and that still doesn't incorporate the protests which we know have congregated thousands of people in our city, many of which are not wearing masks. So, mayor, you just laid out several concerns right there. Are you suggesting that you now lack confidence in the plan to re-open your city, and what about the governor's plan to re-open the state? Is the state moving too fast? You know, I think the issue is -- with this is when it began, obviously the economy was doing well and people were willing to stay at home and were willing to pause the economy for a period of time. Now that we've been several months into this pandemic I think people are extremely frustrated in terms of the fact that government has tried to do the best that they can with unemployment and the ppp loans and a variety of other programs to keep the economy going along and so you run into this sort of issue where, you know, people need to work, people need to obviously be fed. We're obviously feeding people tremendously in the city of Miami but that is running into the reality that, you know, from a health care perspective, we need to be disciplined and I always said when we started opening there were two paths, the path of responsibility and the path of irresponsibility and unfortunately we're starting to see behavior that concerns me deeply. Mayor, quickly, I just want one quick follow-up. We're out of time. Is there a scenario in which you would put a pause on re-opening? Yeah, of course. Of course there is, depending on the data. We have been data driven since the first day and we'll continue to be data driven. Like you said, the data is concerning and we may have to make some decisions after this weekend and as the data comes in. We've talked about that delicate balance, mayor Suarez, thank you so much for your time. Eva, over to you.

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"Mayor Francis Suarez discusses Florida and Miami reopening.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71233640","title":"Miami mayor speaks about beaches reopening","url":"/GMA/News/video/miami-mayor-speaks-beaches-reopening-71233640"}