Military personnel warn of UFO sightings

Chris Mellon, a former Department of Defense official, tells "GMA" why he and others are speaking out in the new non-fiction series, "Unidentified."
5:31 | 05/31/19

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Transcript for Military personnel warn of UFO sightings
Thanks whit. We move to military officials sounding the alarms about ufos. Take a look at previously classified pictures. A new nonfiction series called "Unidentified" takes a look. Here's Diane Macedo. Often when you think ufos you think about space ships. Now Navy officials are speaking out about ufos in U.S. Air Reporter: They're unidentified, in U.S. Air space. The object appears to accelerate. Reporter: Military insiders say these ufos are no joke. Now they're telling their stories in "Unidentified." Experienced military personnel are speaking out warning that ufo sightings are on the rise. What's worse case scenario? It's too late. It's here. Reporter: The show examines one secret government program charged with investigating ufo ds and why the programs former director said he suddenly resigned. You were collecting data you thought was important and the people in between you and the people at the top weren't passing the information along? Because of the stigma. You think of tin foil hats and all these wonder analogies of what it means to believe in ufos when in reality it's real. We're talking about aircraft that can go to hyper sonic speeds in a blink of an eye. Reporter: "Unidentified" promises new video and interviews all with the help of blink 182 front man Tom Delong. This is a show to promote change. You'll see us meets with the senate and other people from other governments. People are saying this is real and we have to do something about it. It could be a threat, but we can't put our head in the sand. The Navy said they take these reports very seriously and have updated reporting guidelines to get an accurate picture of what is out there. Diane, thanks. We're joined by Chris Mellon former department secretary of now part of this new show "Unidentified." Let's put up the video again of these sightings. When you look at that, what are you seeing? What I'm seeing and what the experts are seeing is something that's baffling. It's hard to understand how do these vehicles maintain lift, how are they propelled. There are no wing surfaces or exhaust. There's nothing we're familiar with that we deployed in the air that has a power source other than chemical energy like fuel. These are so radically different than anything we're familiar with. Their performance is so advanced and so sophisticated. It's baffling. Is it fair to boil it down to two possibilities, either another country has leap frogged the United States in technology or extraterrestrial? Those are the possibilities. What do you think? We're trying not to jump to conclusions. That's an impediment to progress. When you start tug about aliens people shut down. We need to find out who is overflying or military bases, overflying our nation, facilities where we're developing weapons out west is a violation of our softenty and there's a safety violation. Our pilots are encountering these things. We're hoping to give them a voice and bring it to the American people. There's a lot of information that the government collects that hasn't been examined. That's true. There's a vast amount of information because of the sophistication of our technology stored digitally that is swept aside. If something is going mock three, with radar won't display that. If we correlate events with that data we may gain deep insights into where things are coming from. How do you explain there have been so many sightings and nothing has happened? It's a social phenomenon. There's a stigma. It's been difficult to get people in the military and intelligence community to understand they can deal with this without being penalize. Nobody has been assigned responsibility for collecting on this. Our different agencies and departments are not sharing information on this topic, not pulling it together. It's taking the pilots speaking out publicly to get this on everyone's agenda. Thanks for coming in today. "Unidentified" premiers tonight on history.

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{"duration":"5:31","description":"Chris Mellon, a former Department of Defense official, tells \"GMA\" why he and others are speaking out in the new non-fiction series, \"Unidentified.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63396652","title":"Military personnel warn of UFO sightings","url":"/GMA/News/video/military-personnel-warn-ufo-sightings-63396652"}