Mom's warning after mosquito bite lands 6-year-old in hospital

Mother speaking out as her son recovers from a potentially life-threatening mosquito-borne virus.
2:24 | 08/12/18

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Transcript for Mom's warning after mosquito bite lands 6-year-old in hospital
We do have a parenting alert fou this morng it's a reminder about the da of mquitos. A motherning others as her son recovers from a potentialllife-threaning morn virus. C'erielle reshef joins us with more. Good morning. Good mog, guys. This north CARA mom says I can Happ to Y child. Th M's speaking out so other parents will know the at a simplbuay be turning into something much more serus. Iterally felt my child was gone when W Rorter: Thimo mother's warning after her son fell dangely ill from an infection that doctors say started with a mosquito bite. Is lips we B hieyxed. LI Anne Surrett says 6-year-old Noa expericing severadaches, then suffered a see. Eams out in pain from the adaches and like a zombie. Dgn Noah with Lacross encephalitis, a rare action passed throed mosquit T causswelling ithe brain. It causes a fever and then Progressive head a it worsens from there. Repor while noas case is uncommon, the CDC says illnesses Omo, tick and flea B tripled fm to 2016. Experts Y children are especially vulnerable. You want to watch to see is the headache worsening, is the fepersistingif relievs 'T workingif the child is becoming more and moethargic oli mily noticed, their child just DI seem quite T. 'S when yowaworry. Reporteoah spendiays in a North Carolina icu, now on the roo In five days I have not heard my child V that was the sweetest sound I've ever heard. Rorter: Hisom hoping his Stor sound the alarm for other pas. This is something no parent should through over a mosquito bite. Reporter: Thiing Noah is out the hospital and Ng good press. Do talk to say they know it's impossible to prevent all bug bitebut they rommend wearing clothing with repellen yoca deet on kids over the age of two months and don't exceed this is a Mo fnd E says this the scariest th far that'er ppened to Y ldren. My sost nd, lookmy mosquitbite. W I'm starting to think. The threshold, they have to be completelycting abnoal. Yeah, and this is very, very rare. Thdosed that a mpo point th out. Erielle, thank you. Comi up on "Go morning

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"Mother speaking out as her son recovers from a potentially life-threatening mosquito-borne virus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57144168","title":"Mom's warning after mosquito bite lands 6-year-old in hospital","url":"/GMA/News/video/moms-warning-mosquito-bite-lands-year-hospital-57144168"}