Mysterious bones unsurfaced in the Vatican City

A family member, family lawyer and forensics expert arrived at the Vatican for a three-decades-old cold case to examine two containers holding human remains.
2:43 | 07/20/19

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Transcript for Mysterious bones unsurfaced in the Vatican City
First here, the efforts to solve a mystery on top of a mystery in Vatican City -- whether bones just discovered belong to a teenager who vanished more than three decades ago or to two German princesses, or maybe there's another explanation. ABC's will reeve is in Vatican City this morning where two containers were unsealed just this morning. Will, what did they find? Reporter: Well, Dan, we're not exactly sure just yet, and we spoke to family members of emanuela Orlandi who were present or who have knowledge of what exactly they're unsealing and they said there are a lot of bones, more than they were expecting, so they're going to take a while to sort through all of it. It's just another turn in the mystery of the disappearance of emanuela Orlandi. This morning, Vatican officials unsealing human remains found underground within the city walls. Forensics experts will now try to identify whose bones they are and whether a decades-ole miss stree will be solved. Two containers holding bones examined on site away from any media. 15-year-old emanuela Orlandi vanished in 1983. Her family searching for her ever since. Representatives of orlandis are present for today's unsealing. Outside the Vatican in a t-shirt bearing Orlandi's image, one Orlandi supporter, part of a group of thousands across Italy, said they seek truth, justice and the release of a purported Vatican file on the disappearance. Any time there's a mystery, a potential scandal with any hint of a Vatican involvement, it's going to take on a life of its own. Reporter: Last week Vatican investigators acted on an anonymous tip that Orlandi's remains might be buried here, prying open the tombs of two 19th century German princesses, an angel pointing right to it. Orlandi's brother telling reporters no remains were found in either tomb. The excavation taking place at the pontifical teutonic college right next to St. Peter's basilica. Those empty tombs prompted officials to keep looking nearby where they soon found the containers of remains. By unsealing those containers, the holy sea bringing the Orlandi family one step closer to closure. Now, that examination is taking longer than we expected and now that we've learned from the Orlandi family that there are more bones than officials thought there would be, it's going to be a while until we find out whose bones they are, how long they've been there, and the mystery will continue and we will keep you updated. Thanks, will. So many questions as far as that story goes.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"A family member, family lawyer and forensics expert arrived at the Vatican for a three-decades-old cold case to examine two containers holding human remains.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64458031","title":"Mysterious bones unsurfaced in the Vatican City","url":"/GMA/News/video/mysterious-bones-unsurfaced-vatican-city-64458031"}