Notre Dame's women's basketball team wins championship

Plus, a preview of the men's final that will see Villanova facing off against the underdog, Michigan.
2:48 | 04/02/18

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Transcript for Notre Dame's women's basketball team wins championship
It is April, everyone. But March Madness is still raging. Notre dame's women taking home the championship trophy in a nail-biting win. The crazy game-winner by arike ogunbowale. Tonight, the the men face off in the finals. You're looking at the Alamo dome. T.J. Holmes is if the house. Look. After all the busted brackets. The cinderellas. The sister jeans. This tournament comes down to two big dogs going at it. Ain't nobody tonight wearing a glass slipper. Is there it's Michigan! Reporter: After a month of madness, it comes down to two college basketball blue bloods for the campship. Top seed Villanova and the powerhouse offense up against one of the country's best defenses. The number three seed Michigan wolverines. They can all shoot. It's not supposed to be easy. Reporter: Loyola-chicago cheered on by their greatest fan. Sister Jean. Meanwhile, some kit, took on sister Jean for appearing to leave the game with 2:00 remaining. Sister Jean is leaving early? Reporter: The 98-year-old wanted to be at the commit tunnel to console the players. Michigan will have their player turned assistant coach Austin match who survived two plane crashes that killed his parents and siblings will be court side, urging on his team. Great story lines tonight. People curious about the brackets. We told you, 17.3 million filled out the ESPN bracket. 550 not the correct final four. Some 410,000 got the correct finals. So Villanova -- Michigan. 410,000 people picked that. It was a popular pick. I trained pi daughter well. She picked Michigan to win. I didn't. There's good news for everyone. Even if we didn't pick brackets correctly. Sflempb who can hear me now. You get a free lunch at little Caesar's. They said if any number 16 seed beats a number 1 seed, everybody gets a free lunch. Umpc did it. Now, going into any little Caesar's between 11:20 and 1:00, you get a small pepperoni pizza. You walk in and gate pizza? You have to be in line and have it ordered by 1:00. One per family. We can do this after the show. It reads like a contract. I grew up on little Caesar's in Michigan. Is it a date? We're all going. Coming up, the cast of "Dallas" reunited on "Gma." Will they go for a third reboot?

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"Plus, a preview of the men's final that will see Villanova facing off against the underdog, Michigan. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54171309","title":"Notre Dame's women's basketball team wins championship ","url":"/GMA/News/video/notre-dames-womens-basketball-team-wins-championship-54171309"}