Obama, Trump react to judge's health care ruling

President Trump declared victory after a Texas judge struck down the Affordable Care Act, but top Democratic lawmakers are gearing up for a fight.
3:18 | 12/17/18

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Transcript for Obama, Trump react to judge's health care ruling
To Washington and that rnment shdownming days beforest th sides are digging in president trump demand $5illion for his border wall. ICANs caught in the middle. Without a de P of the government will shut down frtight. About a quarter of the goment without funding a hundreds O Feder employees wouldn't get paiuring the days. That comeser a surprise ruling from a Texas judge that could put the affordable C riking D the law has crecreacstaggering uncertainty for those that rely on it. Our senior national copondent, try Moran covering this.prum the ruling. Reporter: That's right. President trumas long omised to repl a ree Obamacare, ahis huge sion giv him the opuno just that. The downside is hand T publicans O have been fighting to abolish thisaw F the better of a decade E response atpens nexthey don't have a plan. This morning, health care for millions of ameri could be in J a that blocte by a Texas judge striking D Obamacare. President trump decring victory, and predicting a quick fix saying - If the Republicans and the Democrats gettogether, we are going nd up W a incredible health care which is the way should ha been fro day one, and it's going to happen. It a chance to happen. Eporter: B the aisle, top lawmakere aeady gearing up for a fight. If are going to takway the affordable care act, H you prote T millions of ople currely using it for health insuran their family? Reporter: Thee's decionhich came down on friday, declared that the dividual date requiring a Americans to buy health insurance is unconstitutional. He also sk down the rest of the affordable care act, including mandatory coverage on pre-existing conditions, guanteed essential health benefiike prescption drugs egnanc care. President Obama with a blisring post writing, a lot of good people areighting T of this Shobe a minder that Republicans will neverp trying to undo all that. They expect theinal outcome to be settled in the supreme court.ght w,ndis important, there wilbe no immediate changesoanne's way ugh the courts and that could take ti B thisould be beginning of the end for obacare, and THA doe mean that the congress has to get to work because it has such a huge impact on so many people. Althe way across the country. Ere was a announcement the presidenas going to make. Mick mulvan a hiccup after this video surfaced on Friday. Ikeonald trump? No. S he ae mod to my sons?sot.yes, I'm supporting Donald trump.I'm doin so. I think he is Trible Han being. Reporter: Than oops through the video files, but H spokesperson says he had not met the president at that time. He H not met Donald Trump at that time, and he likes and spects the president we'll see how that relationship Wee how long it lasts. Terry, thanks very much.c a? He likes him now. Thi morning, president is facing for anotherowdown, thistime, hisawyer

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"President Trump declared victory after a Texas judge struck down the Affordable Care Act, but top Democratic lawmakers are gearing up for a fight. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59859254","title":"Obama, Trump react to judge's health care ruling ","url":"/GMA/News/video/obama-trump-react-judges-health-care-ruling-59859254"}