Official reveals last-minute dangers of Thai cave rescue

The main pump failed after the 13th member of the trapped group was rescued, forcing Thai Navy SEALs to abandon their equipment , Gov. Narongsak Osatanakorn told ABC News.
4:37 | 07/11/18

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Transcript for Official reveals last-minute dangers of Thai cave rescue
triump in Thailand and those new details Abo the daring ue to get those 12 boys and eioccer cch to safety. Let's taklook at the big moment. There it is, the rescuers emerge from thecave. We heard those cheers. Very, very grateful people for thatncredible work. Absolutely greetful and absolutely incredible. A big thumbs up from the brave rs who STA with they whenhey found them. We'll hear from the American common W led the mission. First Matt Gutman is at the cade. Good morning to you, Matt. Repor H good morng, Michael. Theyost did not get out safe incident commander here telling M this mng that right after they got out that 13th person that coach, the main in that cavefailed it started flooding andad Thi happened two hoursarlier would have marooned the last four boys and their coach inside. This morning, W learnedhat that miracle mission hours away from catastrophe. Had you waited one more day, what do think would have happened? I think that the third day woulde very difficult for us. Or so iad of swimming the equivalent of seven otelds, the boys would have had to go over aile water. Impossible the governor told us inn exclusive interview. Theain pump whose hoses you see here W have been siphoned offedsf millions of gallons hadailed right after the 13th memf the group, the coach was D. Thy Navy s.e.a.l.sndoned equipment and hundreds of air tanks si the governor of this regions D the search and rescue ion since shortly after the cave seemed to swallow 12 boys and their soccer coach onun 23rd. He saiany of T boys were too weak to walk or swim much. That C filled up with water, T? You to evacuate everything. Everything because we fi themission. Reporter: Rescuers positioned Ator in eof the nine beo evaluate theys' conditions as they passed throh. The coach shared hisns with his team and kept them through meditation W reportedly in poor health. Sources tell us he was Shiring and seemed to have beensufferingm child the Thai prime minister saying T were given an-a medication to help prevent T fr panicking. Meane, late Tuesday, cheers ashose F ambulances rushed to theospital. Everybody smilend no more cheer. Reporter: Vteers singing and dancing in celebration.those raw emotions after 18s of nerve-racuncertnty. And we are learning more about the heroes who have D. 14-year-old adune lives in Thailand withois parents who are Myanmar. He spe English and was able to comcate the needs of team to theirst British dive team who discovered th tell me about him. Verythinge does seems to excel. Seems to be such a quali kid. Bright ture. Reporter: The Thai Navy S.E.A.L.S continue to mourn the ss of one of their own, and he was S touched by the plight of thesys he came out of reme help. He posted this video on as he boarded the flight Toi the reue effort. neverthele those 90 so Thai Navy S.E.A.L. Divers receiving a round of applause and shouts of thanks as at the emergm the cave and jubilantlyted as they left the base camp for E final time. The excitemen extending to the U.S. Milit stationed in chamnu three. They hadped transfer the boys to the medicsaiting at the enthanks to theca. Our gro consists of support person we have medical communicate logistic, allds were onk forhis effort. Reporter: This morning as that makeshift Vil built around the cave's entrance clears out,I office announcing it will be turned into a world class tourist attraction. They're even tg of preserving some of the rescuers' uniforms for a museum. Now, the governor ever tng the boys will serve as monks for a time after leaving the hospit what did they say when they came out. Well, most of them said they were hungry. I asked did T soccerrs want to see theirar O give them a hug. Noty they wanted most was to T world cup. Socc players to the core, George.

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{"id":56505194,"title":"Official reveals last-minute dangers of Thai cave rescue","duration":"4:37","description":"The main pump failed after the 13th member of the trapped group was rescued, forcing Thai Navy SEALs to abandon their equipment , Gov. Narongsak Osatanakorn told ABC News.","url":"/GMA/News/video/official-reveals-minute-dangers-thai-cave-rescue-56505194","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}