President Trump sounds off after 2 staff members resign

In a week when two White House staff members resigned amid domestic abuse allegations, President Donald Trump lamented in a tweet Saturday that lives are being "destroyed by a mere allegation."
5:38 | 02/11/18

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Transcript for President Trump sounds off after 2 staff members resign
Steve ganyard we appreciate your expertise. We'll move on to politics. The president defending the accused and expressing no sympathy for the accusers saying people are being brought down by mere allegations. David Wright has more. Good morning. President trump's call for due process is drawing cat calls and boos from democratic members of congress especially women. Some of them making the point the women who accuse trump need due process. Reporter: President trump tweeted a full on critique of the me too movement. People's lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation. Some are true and some are false. Some are oonld some are new. There is no recovery for someone falsely accused. Life and career are gone. Is there no such thing any longer as due process. This one day after trump lavished praise on former white house staff secretary rob porter who resigned after two of his exwives accused him of domestic abuse. We absolutely wish him well. Did a very good job at the white house. Reporter: Women Democrats now slamming trump. Senator Patty Murray shout back I'm going to keep standing with them and trusting them even if the president right. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand went further reminding her constituents that more than a dozen women have accused trump of sexual misconduct. When it comes to allegations of sexual misconduct, the president has tended to give allies like senator candidate Roy Moore the benefit of the doubt while calling out opponents like senator Al Franken. Women are special. I think it's a special time. A lot of things are coming out. I think it's good for our society. Reporter: The president does stand by hope hicks the white house communication director. Hicks was known to be dating porter at the white house. Trump said to be less than pleased with her handling of the poorer situion. Saturday he issued a statement saying hope is absolutely fantastic calling her smart, very talented and respected by all. Now Republicans aren't too happy about the president's comments either. They've been hoping that he would stick to the message about tax cuts and the economy. Instead he's veering off and infuriating women voters. Many Republicans worry that's not going to help them at the midterms. Thank you. So let's bring in George Stephanopoulos he's going to be hosting "This week" later. Is there some political calculation on the part of Donald Trump given the fact there are people in the country that believe me too has gone too far. No question about that. I don't understand his strategy here if there is one. I think it's about impulse and instinct. When you look at the president's history when one of his friends or allies get in trouble with sexual harassment or abuse, he defends the manor himself when more than a dozen women came forward. It's what the president beliefs where his instincts are and where he stands. He's angry with this korj. You don't think he likes saying something provocative and cue the rage machine? I suppose. Take David Wright's last point. This is not going to help his party with women voters as we approach midtermings. If the president loses this house he's much more vulnerable to impeachment. Maybe that is the president's calculation. I don't think it's a long term strategy. One of the big questions how much John Kelly knew and when he knew it. The president we're told is furious with him so much so they've got a list of possibly replacement. Is this enough to do him N. I don't think the president would want to admit something has gone on. You're exactly right. We're hearing the president is very angry. He's working the phones sounding out possible replacements and their relationship has been on the wane. This is not the first misstep by John Kelly in the last several weeks. He is on relatively thin ice I think. Jon Karl also reported he expressed a willingness to resign. You mentioned the midterms. Republicans would rather be talking about tax cuts. We're only hearing from democratic women on this one. Can Republicans continue to sit this out? They don't like to be asked questions about the president's tweets. They would prefer as David Wright say talking about tax cuts and the the economy. They'll try to duck these questions. George Stephanopoulos, thank you. Yesterday was your birthday. Happy birthday.

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{"id":52999435,"title":"President Trump sounds off after 2 staff members resign","duration":"5:38","description":"In a week when two White House staff members resigned amid domestic abuse allegations, President Donald Trump lamented in a tweet Saturday that lives are being \"destroyed by a mere allegation.\"","url":"/GMA/News/video/president-trump-sounds-off-staff-members-resign-52999435","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}