Prosecutors reach plea deal with National Enquirer publisher

President Trump could be in legal jeopardy after the tabloid publisher admitted it paid Playboy model Karen McDougal hush money just before the election.
5:41 | 12/13/18

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Transcript for Prosecutors reach plea deal with National Enquirer publisher
THA helps. It sure does. To new leg jeopardy for president tied to that 2016 hush Y payment to "Playboy" mol and procurs reached a deal with the publisherf "The national enquirer" whoitted they paid $to Mcdougal to help bury herstory. Reporter: During the 2016 campaign the enquirerublished stories that donalump would use to attack his rivals and Ed STO that might be trimental to trump. The question, howorhould the president be that the enquirer is cooting wh prosecute inquiring minds want to kno scoops might "The nasal quirer" have that are of interest federal prosecutors? They got. They got Edwards. They got this. I mean, if that "The new York Times" they would have Gott pulit prizes for their reporting. Reporter: The publisher of S tabloid as it's been called is tr frien David pecker.le deal J made publ, am the enquirer's parentpa admits to pain $150,000 T former "Playboy" plate Karen Mcdougal three monthsore thelection to kill her S AUT an alleged affair aording to new details Ed the agreement, this was done a the request of campaign to suppre the model's story so as prent it fm influencing the Elon. Here wereeal feelings between the two of us. Reporter: Prosecutors say nd Ami tippe off michcoorn star stormy Daniels was about to G icboer alleged affair with trump. Cohen pled guilty to ping her off. Trump's verbal authorization recordedcohen. When it C time for the financing which will be- listen, what financing? Ll H pay -- P with sh? No, no, no.orter: All this was part of a plan T enquirer's publisher concocted with the cande two mths after trump announced he for president. It grew increasingly to the point where nothing negative was reported. Reporter: Nothing negative trump, that , but the market tabloid was vicious about S vals. During the primaries the enquirer accused cr's father of conspiringith Lee Harvey Oswald to asinate JFK and trumpllei the story. I have node whether it was right or not. They actually have a good of being right but so idea. Reporter:t was N true. Nor were number of front pagelamation points about hillarclinton, months to live, Hillary gains 103 pounds. Hillary hit man tells all. The enquir woue offered celebrities' ndship wit David pecker they would E see light of day or be ki. Reporter: Despite the tactics the table has been right on the money on other stories. It was the first toublish that infamous my business photo that ultimately brought down one democratic presidential peful gy hart and most gnificantlba in 2008 the paper brokehetory about Democrat John edwar and his fair withrielle hunter. Well, in trump's case amils in violation O campaign finance laws but did it any and this morning the ap damaging stories. Have been , you got to nd George. Thanks. Let's bring in Dan Abrams for more on all . Kind of a classic roll of conspiracy. Michl N cooperatnd that puts "The onal enquirer" in the cross hairs. Hat's rig and they also become, though, potentily itroboratingit in this context. , Cpaigninance laws are unique in sense they require have to have known yowere voting the law. It ho have been done on purpose laws L nslaughter, you don't have have known the law H Bron it. Whent comes to campaign financ you do. You have Michael Cohen saying, ok, iid Thi at the direction of and I the coordination with the president of T United States. That pretty much implicate the president. Now you've got Ami, ao saying it W de coordination with evidence that coblematic F the president. There is a little bit of mystery. They talk about unnamed people inheai we don't know Ith prent trump or president trump and somebody else B do know this create potential serious liability for president trump. No queson and the other question me wh else might Ami know? And here's the dang is robermueller's investigate isy now. There is a verypecific E there with regard to Russia. Th southern district of new York whichs investigating this rticular ime, whichs the one that made thelty plea th michaelcohen, doesn't stop when mueerps. They're going to continue their they may decide, you know wh, there's more here we found andther possibl crimes. It is interesting they chose tol yesterday when Michael Cohen is sentenced. That suggests at leasthey are N done. There's no questiont ey're not done but, again, the southern district dsn't I mean, we talk coming to end at some point, right? Thattrue. He's got a specific mandate. Southern district few rk is an office in the department of justice that's going toee ING. They have jurisdiction over the trumporganization. Absolutely. And in specifically this case. Dan abms, thanksy much.

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{"duration":"5:41","description":"President Trump could be in legal jeopardy after the tabloid publisher admitted it paid Playboy model Karen McDougal hush money just before the election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59793676","title":"Prosecutors reach plea deal with National Enquirer publisher","url":"/GMA/News/video/prosecutors-reach-plea-deal-national-enquirer-publisher-59793676"}