New questions emerge in Americans' deaths at resort

Dominican Republic authorities cite pre-existing health conditions, but it is still unclear what led to the fatal medical issues in all three deaths.
3:50 | 06/07/19

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Transcript for New questions emerge in Americans' deaths at resort
We'll move on now to the new developments in the mysterious death of three Americans in the Dominican Republic. Investigators there now releasing preliminary autopsy Tom llamas is just back from the Dr with the story. Good morning, Tom. Reporter: Michael, good morning to you. We were hoping to have more clarity by now and though we have new details this morning, the spark that set off those medical emergencies at a popular vacation destination remains a mystery. This morning, preliminary autopsy results for those three American tourists who died in the Dominican Republic are now raising more questions than answers. The report released by the Dr's public ministry office indicating 41-year-old Miranda Werner suffered a type of cardiac arrest that led to respiratory failure at the bahia Principe resort and died in her room two hours after checking in. Her family saying she experienced acute physical distress and collapsed immediately after having a drink from the mini bar. Just five days later, 63-year-old Nathaniel Holmes and his fiancee, 49-year-old Cynthia day were down dead inside their room at an adjoining property at the resort. You got to do something. Reporter: This video shows them kayaking a day before they died. Authorities in the Dominican Republic citing pre-existing health conditions saying Holmes and day had enlarged hearts and livers and also say blood pressure medicine was found inside of the room along with an opioid and anti-inflammatory medication. Preliminary autopsy findings showing they both died from organ and respiratory failure. But it's still unclear what led to the fatal medical issues in all three cases. The Dr's minister of tourism suggesting all three deaths could have been coincidences, an unfortunate series of events. The minister saying they regularly inspect hotels for safety, examining their hygiene, kitchens and ventilation systems. And moments ago the families of Cynthia day and Nathaniel Holmes sent us this statement thanking the community and promising an update as soon as they have new information and sadly they're warning of a fake gofundme page, the one the families is are using is entitled lost family member. We'll bring in chief medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton and I want to ask you. Some of the autopsy results point to changes in the body, so what do you make of that? Well, this is not a surprise to anyone in the medical profession, Michael. The things that we're hearing in the preliminary autopsy report are changes that are caused by death. They are not the cause of death. Those are very, very different things and these are changes that we expect to see postmortem. So no surprises there. We heard Tom talk about the report in these underlying conditions. Is that that unusual? I was just saying to George, this in my opinion is a true, true and unrelated -- people can have chronic conditions that eventually can contribute to their death but the chronic conditions that were mentioned in this preliminary autopsy report, not something that you would expect to cause sudden death in people who are well enough to be on vacation, so, again, really kind of doesn't add up. What more do we need to know. We need the toxicology report. That could take four to six weeks. There are some substances that potentially may not be detectable on toxicology reports because you're looking at bodily fluids and tissues but that will be really important and someone can suffer a cardiac arrest or organ failure as a result of something else, so there are still some missing pieces. This is all a coincidence? In science we try to go by facts not by alignment of the planets and there's a lot of things here that aren't lining up. Such a mystery. Okay, thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"Dominican Republic authorities cite pre-existing health conditions, but it is still unclear what led to the fatal medical issues in all three deaths.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63545106","title":"New questions emerge in Americans' deaths at resort","url":"/GMA/News/video/questions-emerge-americans-deaths-resort-63545106"}