After racist park encounter, Chris Cooper takes us birding in Central Park

Chris Cooper’s encounter with a white woman went viral after he asked her to put a leash on her dog and she called the police claiming he was an “African-American man threatening my life.'
10:37 | 06/17/20

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Transcript for After racist park encounter, Chris Cooper takes us birding in Central Park
I believe. We have an orchard Orioles appeared not just a Baltimore him. I. Portion Oreo fortunately that's what's been singing that's what threw me off. He nodded and commanding not know them whether thrush and embarrassing even suggested those things that's an orchard Oreo that's what's been singing. The. It happened yeah. Yeah yeah. You look at myself and my dog. Yeah I'm rep. Oh. We're going next. Sure you know is that had a decision to make switches and enjoy capitulate to this attempt at racial intimidation. Where did I just keep doing what I'm doing. Unfortunately for her I mean she basically she pulled the pin on the hand native race and try to lob it means. And instead of grew up in effect. Come home. I've been here for so many are so many times. And so many wonderful experiences. You know how can one flare up possibly can overwhelm all those years of of other associations. I've been burning since I was roughly ten years old he's. And nature was always big in our household but for some resentment of the former birds. There's a flicker up here. Prick crust with like actors. American redstone and he's still out there you can hear him singing it was from. It's very high pitch it's the bird going. It's such. Ports. Got into the branches and I'm being totally. Confused but it doesn't it doesn't. It's it's just doesn't have quite good. Yeah. I would like catcher. Right up there on the bear brand. Not seeming at the spring and I was getting a little irritated. Problem solved. The other thing I mean your city the skyscrapers. That was the thunder again. But stopped if I shut up from. We'll actually here. Rich teach teach you to keep. That was the Coventry and want when we let this guy go through such a shouldn't be running as bright and I'm not going there. Think back not start trouble today. I just outside it. Can't thank them. See now this guy has obviously been fed by people in this partly because he thinks we've got snacks work. That's why he's come so close it's like to deliver Lauren got. And you've got to pick it. So I had just left a pit stop bathrooms over there. I was walking. Down this way had actually pretty much finish migrating to the days I was on my way out of the park is like a long here. And I heard this woman shouting the dogs. The top recruits short sign that the dogs off the edge here in the ramble which is a protected area. Easier to those who do. People walking right now that's about where she was and you'll see right there is a sign that says dogs with me on the leash at all. That's where the dog was running around in the plan. You know basically the sport I decided. I'm gonna record because that's what some analysts have been doing is is you know taking out our iphones and according to scoff law behavior. That we can documented and push for some change. They don't understand is that conflict that's been going on for years. Trying to look for birds here in the end. Gold card he's ever after how to awkwardly. And we try to documented so that we can say look this what's going on in the ramble with those most thoughtful. She didn't like that and not one. Please don't compost and please please call the cops. Please called. Police told him whatever you like. It. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. A new. Her attempt to threaten and weaponized the police against the black man. It was a great act. But news that might hurt or not I don't know. And now he had this woman. Who. We've all seen the video now. Blatantly. If he knew how to use. The power of both of the whiteness. To threaten the life of another man at his blackness. She that. Was. The red she could tap into. And she did. Even though she considered herself or he's a business awful. That's that's telling us how to meet your needs. And how much were we all last it was an rooted out. But it's going to be hard. I nobody I don't I don't know than anybody has the answer that we things. How we change it but we got into sultan because we're dying. Compared to teach teacher teacher can threaten after that. Let's look at birds. Eight. Okay. I'm pit again. There's just a red Iberia of singing but this way. Yeah. But can hear the difference between the two trans. One has thrown in lowland the other high pitch so you start to tune in to things like that it takes time but eventually sort of like you know when your mom calls up on the phone. She doesn't have to say this is your mother she just those high gear. Because of the total to voice because of what she says she always answered the phone that way you know instantly who it is. It's been the. Birds belong to everybody nobody owns the birds that are there for all of us who enjoy all of us to get out and appreciate. The idea of inclusion for everybody. Yeah regardless raised color creed religion sexual orientation disability status. You know everybody should should be theme because everybody is here. Okay. For me because I'm gay myself you know there was not a lot of good representation in comics. He introduced think the first human gay character. Ends in Star Trek. I wrote created and wrote horrors theories from marble cold dark hold pages from the book of Satan. Victoria Mondesi heir to the Montana feline who have been fighting the book through the generations. Turns out she was was the lesbian characters. Those lot of scientists to do that could use our. Because up until then had been a lot. Lesbian characters. Yeah. Infant in the scope of things in mind it's a little dust in the park but. People like George Floyd. You know people like Ahmad arbor was a minor they'll also lives over the Scott this stuff. Homes and it keeps happening and yet we don't seem to be able to change the dynamic. To tell Alter that deep underlying theme of racial bias. If. Oh. The woman in the video apologize to Cooper saying it was unacceptable and I humbly and fully apologize to everyone who seen that video everyone that's been offended. Everyone who thinks of me in a lower light and I understand why they do. You know I don't work at his word and I can't do it make it. But I'd I'd sincerely and humbly apologize to everyone.

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{"duration":"10:37","description":"Chris Cooper’s encounter with a white woman went viral after he asked her to put a leash on her dog and she called the police claiming he was an “African-American man threatening my life.'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71290194","title":"After racist park encounter, Chris Cooper takes us birding in Central Park","url":"/GMA/News/video/racist-park-encounter-chris-cooper-takes-us-birding-71290194"}