Record coronavirus surge as US prepares for holiday

As more states take precautions ahead of July Fourth, the Miami-Dade mayor has implemented tougher rules including a curfew and mandatory masks at restaurants.
3:39 | 07/03/20

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Transcript for Record coronavirus surge as US prepares for holiday
coronavirus emergency. A lot of concern as 26 states now show an increase in hospitalizations and as so many get on the road to travel for the holiday, Chicago now issuing a travel advisory like New York, New Jersey and Connecticut requiring visitors from 15 states to quarantine. There are concerns about travelers spreading the virus state to state. Victor Oquendo begins in Miami beach where those famous beaches will be closed this holiday weekend. Good morning, Victor. Reporter: Good morning, Eva this. Is one of the main entrance points to Miami beach officially closed for the fourth of July weekend. Let's go to our drone to give you a look from above. Nobody should be out on the sand right now as south Florida tries to slow the spread and avoid those large crowds. Other hot spots across the country taking similar measures. Beaches closed in Texas and California. This morning, the country is reeling from a record-setting week. The U.S. Seeing more than 50,000 new cases of covid-19 for the second day in a row. We're setting records practically every day of new cases in the numbers that are reported. That clearly is not the right direction. Reporter: At least 19 states have reversed or paused re-opening with the holiday weekend here, officials are warning people to remain vigilant, places like the lake of the ozarks in Missouri which drew huge crowds like these over memorial day expecting a regard turnout. I've never been really concerned overly about the holiday weekend but I will tell you this one concerns me. There is no law that we can enforce on social distancing, on traveling. We do not do that down here. Reporter: In Seattle near the original epicenter of the American outbreak, more than 100 fraternity members at the university of Washington have self-reported testing positive for covid-19 from 15 different frat houses in what's being called the Greek row outbreak. I have seen people that are just living a normal life and, you know, many times it's just partying and enjoying. Reporter: Facing skyrocketing cases and hospitalizations, Texas governor Greg Abbott making masks mandatory statewide despite weeks of hesitation speaking with KTRK. We've learned that the best way we can both remain open for business while also containing the spread of covid-19 is through this strategy of requiring masks that will slow the spread. Reporter: In Florida -- Is your floor at capacity right now? Yes. Reporter: These doctors suiting up at Miami's Jackson memorial hospital where they are seeing a surge pausing elective surgeries bracing for more patients. We don't want to be like new York or Italy where you have a gynecologist taking care of your icu patients because we ran out of doctors. Reporter: They're caring for twice as many covid patients now than the peak in April. If we don't reduce the infection rate several weeks from now we'll be underwater. Reporter: In South Carolina, this dire new warning. This is a category 6 hurricane of illness. We can't evacuate. We need to stay in place. Reporter: Local officials in one of the state's tourist hot spot, Myrtle Beach, already linked to multiple outbreaks in the past few weeks putting a new mask mandate into effect overnight. And in addition to the beach closure, miami-dade's may Yo implementing stricter rules effective immediately. There is a countywide curfew rolling back the re-opening of movie theaters and casinos. If you are dining out in miami-dade county you now have to keep some kind of face covering on at all times unless you are actively eating or drinking. Whit. Victor Oquendo in Miami, Joining us is the mayor of

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"As more states take precautions ahead of July Fourth, the Miami-Dade mayor has implemented tougher rules including a curfew and mandatory masks at restaurants.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71593084","title":"Record coronavirus surge as US prepares for holiday","url":"/GMA/News/video/record-coronavirus-surge-us-prepares-holiday-71593084"}