Near-record floods in Texas trigger evacuations, rescues

Central Texas is under a disaster declaration as raging floodwaters have forced evacuations and closed schools.
2:47 | 10/17/18

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Transcript for Near-record floods in Texas trigger evacuations, rescues
First we begin with the state of emergency in Texas. Deadly flooding hitting the south causing rivers to rise to record levels. That rushing water washing away bridges and parts of homes. Clayton Sandell is there in Texas for us. Has the very latest. Good morning, Clayton. Reporter: You can see how quickly conditions change. When we were here a few hours ago it was surrounded by rushing water. In fact, you can see up there where the water line was, way up there but now the water is gone and you can see all the destruction these floodwaters left behind blowing in the wall of this home taking out the door there. This home and many like it are a total loss. This morning a disaster declaration for central Texas. Near record floods triggering evacuations and rescues. The llano river rising nearly 26 feet in hours. Too much for this bridge near Kingsland, Texas. The brute force of the rushing water crushing the bridge under the rapids. Right here you can see where the water came to. Reporter: Gerald Hudson lives along the coll river. It's already destroyed his neighbor's home. I didn't think it would get this high. Reporter: Now he's nervously watching water lapping at his own back door. The way these waves are going, you know, surf's up. Reporter: Views that normally look like this now look like this. Schools are closed. Cars stuck. Raging floodwaters carrying debris over the top of swollen dams. Is that a deck? That looks like a deck that's just gone over. Wow. Reporter: Officials say a body was found in floodwater, possibly the last of four victims swept away last week when floodwaters overtook an rv park. The good news is the water levels are going down but the ground here is so saturated it only takes a little bit of rain to trigger another flood emergency. Robin. That's a good point but the worst may not be over yet for those hard-hit parts of Texas. More rain on the way and, rob, I know you're tracking it all. We are, robin. Good morning. A couple of days rainfall, heavy rain as you saw. This is the highest crest this river has seen since 1935 drawing in moisture from the gulf of Mexico and just slamming right into the western part of Texas. Flood warnings up across the Colorado river from the Rio grande back up through dallas-ft. Worth as well and those flood watches are in effect at least for the next two days and you see this pattern doesn't really go anywhere or wind itself up, not till Wednesday or Thursday. Four plus inches possible across parts of west Texas, dallas-ft. Worth included and it's kind of chilly. Miserable with temperatures in the 40s. Not fun. Not fun at all. Now to that deepening crisis

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"Central Texas is under a disaster declaration as raging floodwaters have forced evacuations and closed schools.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58553413","title":"Near-record floods in Texas trigger evacuations, rescues","url":"/GMA/News/video/record-floods-texas-trigger-evacuations-rescues-58553413"}