Residents flee as fires burn in Santa Barbara

The cave fire erupted in Santa Barbara, California overnight and scorched more than 3,000 acres forcing mandatory evacuations.
2:14 | 11/26/19

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Transcript for Residents flee as fires burn in Santa Barbara
through. That wildfire that erupted in Santa Barbara overnight scorching for than 3,000 acres forcing mandatory evacuations and will Carr is on the scene for us there in California. Good morning, will. Reporter: And, robin, fire crews have been working relentlessly here in Santa Barbara county trying to jump on these flames overnight. You can see these flames have raced up this canyon right here and you can see those embers dancing through the air. That is the biggest threat that has been going on because it's pushing the fire all around this area. This is one of two fires burning in California right now and the fire season that could last through the end of the year. The Kay fire scorching more than 3,000 acres overnight. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Reporter: Panicked residents fleeing forced to drive-through a hellscape. Those raining embers and terrifying flames shooting across evacuation routes. The last resident at the north end is evacuating. She just advised us that the main house on this property occupied by about 30 people with large horses. Reporter: 50-mile-per-hour winds inching closer and closer to these homes. Even as firehawk helicopters with infrared technology cut through the dark of night relentlessly attacking the fire, drop after drop. On the ground firefighters jumping on hot spots whipped around by Santa Barbara's notorious sundowner winds. The fire started up on top and made a real quick run down the hill. The big thing is the winds as they continue. The winds in this canyon have been going down canyon and turn around and come back up. It's been very erratic. Reporter: These neighborhoods will be smothered by smoke and darkness. The fire knocking out power to hundreds of customers. At this point this fire is 0 percent contains and fire crews hoping to get help. There is rain in the forecast but with that comes the threat of mudslides and we have seen that double-edged threat in the past couple of years. It is so smoky out here it is hard to breathe. We have seen that double-edge sword with the fires and the mudslides so many times in

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{"duration":"2:14","description":"The cave fire erupted in Santa Barbara, California overnight and scorched more than 3,000 acres forcing mandatory evacuations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67314584","title":"Residents flee as fires burn in Santa Barbara","url":"/GMA/News/video/residents-flee-fires-burn-santa-barbara-67314584"}