Sarah Sanders takes on the Woodward book backlash

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders talks to "GMA" about the new Bob Woodward book and comments on what the White House called fabricated stories.
4:33 | 09/05/18

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Transcript for Sarah Sanders takes on the Woodward book backlash
George, you know this, bds stding by his B put out the statement saying they're fabricated. The pdent saidtld be has hundreds of hours of tapes. Are really standing by the sertion he making these stories up? Look he Maye hundreds of hours of T but I Thi most of those probably come from disgruntled former employee it's a lot O sour I've worked Al presidennder the president for the last THR and pa O camign and been the aisinday one a canhat -ING so far I've seen out of thk don't depict what's going on in blding bind . The president laid out an agenda very clearly during the campaign and sin agendary day. You can't have the type ofess THA ts president had if wt tt book says true. You have peo like geral Mattis, general Kelly, ICAN CL theook pure I woulta ratherake the word thosewo individuals than a cou of disgruntled formermployees onng the president trying to look bad for no other rn to theelves up. They did gon theecordut some are tragither books that have C out with reporting that comes every haven'teen denials from Steve bnon or reince Priebus or Gary Cohn or H.R. Mter andob woodwarhas a putationpannive decades. I want to show you whatri fleiher said. Never once think he made it meone tol it to even predent trumpn phone call we just sawd wood had alwaybe fair. Sorry, George. I'm having af the fi part question I did hear which was clear is Y said there a books coming out this white house that say similar ories. O historic tax cuts coming econy. Delivering on ngur milita.deliverinon remaking the judiciary and cutting regulation after regulation what I S comeut of this bung is pure and total ess. He's hhe most successful two years than any president in Dern histo and continuing to do that every sinda leek the president announa new a better trade deal me. Thing THA people said couldver pp we're stng negias back up with Canada this week. The eu. The est is delivering on access and that's ate co of this building and that's the amerin people see and that's whathe about. They don't care about Ano that,frankly, have been told and this is anotheep of pure fiction. Didt theresident speak to Bob woodwa? Lo I can't getnto the internal deliberations. I can Y obvious the president would havearranted to. He knows he's own adcate and knows that he's got a great story to tell for the reason thatust laid out, the many successeste's had. He'sered on everything he's promised and setut to D and presi is the most accessle president. Sarah - Somebody thatly enjo engagg the press, George. He sat downh you. I understanthat, Sarah. He enjoys doing that. Ioto ask about this tweetpresidentututor many republicanators are saying he crossed a line in the tweet too long runng Obama inveigations of two very popular congressmen were brought to a well publicized charge the Jeff sessions justice department. Two easy own doubt because there is Noth time.y president think these arelawedprosutions. It sounds he's castigated thjustice department by protecng his co His F- I C't get into ongoing instigations B president's made clear he's unhappith theact that he feels likere's often a of justice and wants to see -- res the double here? Look, H thinks -- nobody agrees wh the facf someone does some wrong it could be look into and the president wants that same type ofvor applied to some of the people thatave been syiased against him and so polally Biase against Republicans and ervatives to be looked at as Sarah Sanders, thanks for time. Thanks so ch George. Kavanaugh. The judge bk in theot seat

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"White House press secretary Sarah Sanders talks to \"GMA\" about the new Bob Woodward book and comments on what the White House called fabricated stories. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57613952","title":"Sarah Sanders takes on the Woodward book backlash ","url":"/GMA/News/video/sarah-sanders-takes-woodward-book-backlash-57613952"}